Tennessee Mom Threatened With Arrest For Letting Daughter Bike to School

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by crymomma, Sep 1, 2011.

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  1. crymomma

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    It’s back-to-school time, and along with it, the requisite crackdown over kids getting to school by bike. A few years ago, we highlighted cases from Mississippi to British Columbia where authorities stopped kids from walking alone.
    There's no Google street view of the intersection where Tryon's daughter was stopped for riding her bike, but here's the same street, close to the school.

    And now, we have the case of Teresa Tryon of Tennessee, threatened with criminal charges for letting her child ride a bike to school.
    Bike Walk Tennessee highlighted the case on its blog, saying it was “crazy” to threaten a mother with arrest for doing more or less what all parents should be doing: encouraging active lifestyles for our kids.
    “On August 25th, my 10-year[-old] daughter arrived home via police officer,” Tryon said. “The officer informed me that in his ‘judgment’ it was unsafe for my daughter to ride her bike to school.”
    Bike Walk Tennessee says Tryon’s daughter’s route to school was reasonably safe, and Tryon herself said Monday that she “passed a total of eight cars in the four times” she was on that road that day. Observers say it is an un-striped, residential street. Police say it’s one of the busiest streets in town, connecting public housing units and subdivisions to the downtown area. http://dc.streetsblog.org/2011/09/0...h-arrest-for-letting-daughter-bike-to-school/
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    Fock. I remember when we skipped school, it was a two mile walk back home. My parents were never threatened with arrest for my walking (just for my being truant for seven months of school).

    However, as a mother, I wouldn't let my daughter catch the bus on the corner (less than 200 yards from the house). I drove her to school. I was (and still am) extremely over protective of her.

    Things are so different now...
  3. mountain_rage

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    If that road is so busy, or even the busiest in the city. Maybe just maybe they city should be proactive and put in a fucking bike path rather than arrest a mother for letting her kids have exercise.
  4. drtoker

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    They can't do something that makes sense like that, or they would be expected to be proactive and use common sense in the future. Bad precedent for them :p

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