SUSE 9.2 & ATI Mobility 9600

Discussion in 'Desktop' started by Comax, Mar 16, 2005.

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  1. Comax

    Comax Member

    Hi all,

    Having a Nightmare with my laptop.
    I've googling for a day but am not getting anywhere.

    I have and IBM Thinkpad T42

    I installed SUSE 9.2 and have just got everything working (wireless card, audio, etc).

    But I cant get 3D support for my graphics card.

    It's an ATI Mobility 9600.

    Tried a few ATI drivers but none will enable 3D support.

    Any ideas anyone


  2. maartendc

    maartendc Professional killer

    The official Ati Catalyst drivers should help you out. Other than that, I have no idea what could 'enable 3d support'
  3. Comax

    Comax Member

    there dont seem to be any drivers for Mobility under linux
    I could try the normal radeon driver.
    Would they work?

    Can some expalin the difference between these for me?
    XFree86 4.1
    XFree86 4.2
    XFree86 4.3
    X.Org 6.8

    Which one runs on SUSE 9.2?
  4. Well, those are just different versions of your X Server (the part of linux that renders graphics). I'm not 100% sure how to figure out what version you have, but navigate to /etc/X11 - or XFConfig86.conf are located there (that's the configuration files for X11, or the X Server). Chances are that you're up to date with the latest version of it (SuSE 9.2 was just released a few months ago).

    If I'm not mistaken, with SuSE, there should be an update feature - first, try installing ATI drivers from that. If that doesn't work, try install the normal radeon drivers from ATI's web site. I can't personally say how exactly to do it in Linux (I've only installed nVidia drivers). If it helps, I wrote a guide to installing nVidia drivers in Mandrakelinux 10.1 CE at . Also, if you get stuck, check out - they've helped me multiple times - and usually, most popular questions (such as about video drivers) have already been answered there.
  5. Comax

    Comax Member

    Cheers man

    I'll give it a try

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