Supreme Court OKs Gas Tank Border Searches

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Lord_of_the_Dense, Mar 30, 2004.

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  1. Lord_of_the_Dense

    Lord_of_the_Dense Deicidic Chipmunk Revue Established Member

    WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court ruled unanimously Tuesday that government agents can search and even dismantle a car's gas tank as part of drug and other smuggling interdiction at the nation's borders.

    Border officers can randomly search gas tanks, despite the absence of specific indication that a particular car is suspect, the high court said. People crossing the border have less expectation of privacy than elsewhere, and searching the inner reaches of a car is not the same thing as a strip search or other intrusive search of the driver, Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist wrote for the court.

    "The government's interest in preventing the entry of unwanted persons and effects is at its zenith at the international border," Rehnquist wrote.

    Read entire story here.
  2. mcovey

    mcovey Member

    Better look into solar powered...
  3. aqlo

    aqlo Cartoon Superhero

    Crap! Guess I have to clean all those terrorists out of my gas tank before the next time I cross the border. . . .
  4. Sk8er Boi

    Sk8er Boi Member

    I agree, this (to me) seems just a little paranoid....

    It reminds me of a quote, i forget who said it but it goes something like "any man who would give up a little bit of freedoom for security, deserves neither freedom nor security."
  5. collideous

    collideous account can be deleted

    Only over my dead body. No one touches my gasoline! Time to join the NGA.
  6. Siskabush

    Siskabush ZP Trancecore Cussin

    Guess I wont be crossing into the US with my car any time soon...

    And if i need to, ill rent a car. they can dismantle that.
  7. Jared592

    Jared592 Guest

    What the hell is the NGA?
  8. Miniver

    Miniver Adjudicator Established Member

    I believe it was Benjamin Franklin.
  9. aqlo

    aqlo Cartoon Superhero

    Like the NRA only for gastanks :)

    "The only way they are getting my gastank is if they pry it from my cold dead fuel line."

    "Get your screwdriver off that you dirty apes!"

    and so on ...
  10. riderx

    riderx Member

    gawd jared u banned again wtf

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