Super Mario Physics

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Lord_of_the_Dense, Jul 10, 2005.

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  1. Lord_of_the_Dense

    Lord_of_the_Dense Deicidic Chipmunk Revue Established Member

  2. I wish I had infinity lives! I also want to bang a princess, but first I need to get a little "higher" off of some mushrooms! Then its off to kill koopa koopa, peace!
  3. Lord_of_the_Dense

    Lord_of_the_Dense Deicidic Chipmunk Revue Established Member

    More cool Mario stuff...

    <link deleted>
  4. That was some funny shit great post
  5. thedirtyd

    thedirtyd Member

    the mario bloopers site has a virus. it disables the task manager and types the message "LMAO! You need to see this!" in any textbox that has focus (including the search function in firefox)

    DO NOT GO TO THIS WEBSILMAO! You need to see this! <link deleted>


    (if you don't believe me then google the message. there should be only one link and it's about the virus.)
  6. TiaKo

    TiaKo Oh, just one more thing..

    The "Super Mario Physics" animation is really well done, worth a watch.
  7. Excrement_Cranium

    Excrement_Cranium Just Sick Established Member

    Yup that mario blooperz virus is pretty funny. Gave me a headache for a few minutes...
  8. thedirtyd

    thedirtyd Member

    i can't seem to get rid of it. :icon_scra i ran AVG but it didn't pick up anything. and i have system restore disabled so i'm kind of stuck there. any hints on what to do?
  9. Malakai1911

    Malakai1911 wants your vagina

    AVG sucks, thats why. (edit: I take that back, its the best free AV, but it just doesnt stack up when you compare it to everything else on the market).

    Nod32 picked it up right away. PM me for instructions on how to get nod32 (the 30 day trial, silly, what else could i mean :icon_pira... or do i. PM me!).

  10. Malakai1911

    Malakai1911 wants your vagina

    I ran it through a popular multiscan. And people wonder time and time again why I always reccomend Nod32 and KAV.

    Results from

  11. thedirtyd

    thedirtyd Member

    thanks guys. i know where to get nod32 so i'll go try it out.

    edit: ok maybe not. the site i was getting it from keeps freezing the download at 18k. i'll pm you.
  12. Excrement_Cranium

    Excrement_Cranium Just Sick Established Member

    that little virus freezes up your browser is why. Along with all the other little annoying things it does. I, luckily, had a restore point from last night.
  13. zpman

    zpman Member

    That'll be something I never have to worry about (viruses). So what does it do? Stop ur browser? IE only, or Firefox too?
    AVG or NOD32 are great. There is a sure fire way to rid the threat though. Run a robust OS like Linux. Also there is o pirating involved. :}
  14. Excrement_Cranium

    Excrement_Cranium Just Sick Established Member

    Linux will be "robust" untill everyone pushes it enough to get a good portion of the moron population running it. Then it will be worth attacking. And thus, the holes will open, and the earth will swallow us all.
  15. moneoa

    moneoa Vita!!!!!!! Staff Member Moderator

    The only limits with software and hackers and the like is the entertainment or educational factor.
    When a minority uses the software in question not many are going to bother trying to find ways to fuck it up
    i.e Firefox vs. IE

    "IE is shit buddy, I am smarter than you because I use firefox"

    Note when Firefox got popular and they released their long awaited 1.0 it had some of the same security flaws and had a shiload of updates to rid them from it.

    Its all relative and preference.
    If you know a windows machine inside and out you are not going to have many of the lame problems the majority of users have.

    Windows can stay stable and work like butter as long as you know how to care for it
  16. I use Avast, it sure seems to rape avg in just about every way, and I think it holds its own with the big boys like Norton.
  17. mfgbypooter

    mfgbypooter Super Pooper Staff Member Moderator

    I know I'm more than ready to be swallowed.


  18. Lehk

    Lehk Old and Ornery

    well firefox asked me if i wanted to download "flashupdate.exe" so i clicked cancel and didn't have a chance to test my AV software, i will try downloading it now to find out if it gets picked up by anti-vir
  19. Lehk

    Lehk Old and Ornery

    any mods want to de-linkify LotD's link to the virus, or at least post a warning above it that it contains a virus?
  20. Lord_of_the_Dense

    Lord_of_the_Dense Deicidic Chipmunk Revue Established Member


    I guess I'll say sorry if there was a virus.

    Had there been one when I first saw it, I would not have passed it on. Seems it either didn't happen to me, I set you all up, or my KICK ASS NORTON prevented it from doing any damage.

    Sorry for any inconveniences.

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