Suicide on Web site prompts calls for controls

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by dubstylee, Apr 8, 2004.

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  1. dubstylee

    dubstylee CEO, Zeropaid Inc. Staff Member Administrator

    A grisly surveillance video of a man's suicide that appeared on a pornographic Web site prompted calls on Thursday for tighter controls on the use of security cameras in New York's low-income housing.

    The image of a distraught Paris Lane, 22, shooting himself in the head was captured on film in a Police Department surveillance system that lacks safeguards for privacy, experts and the victim's family said at a hearing on the case.

    "I'm not against surveillance cameras," said Martha Williams, the victim's mother. "But I do have a problem with who handles the tapes, the hands they fall into.

    "My child was killed twice," she said. "The first time he did it to himself. The second time, online did it to him."

    The grainy footage shows Lane in the lobby of a public housing apartment building on March 16, hugging a girl, putting a gun in his mouth and pulling the trigger.

    Lane, who wanted to be a rap star, was despondent because his girlfriend was breaking up with him, police said.

    Since then, the images of the suicide appeared, were taken off and reappeared on a Web site filled with violent and racially offensive images under a heading, "Introducing: The Self-Cleansing Housing Projects."
  2. Miniver

    Miniver Adjudicator Established Member

    they should sue the pants off the police department. That's disgusting that someone would post that dren.
  3. Potato

    Potato poe-tay-toe Established Member


    I don't even know what to say to that.

    What possesses people to do this stuff?
  4. The Hunter

    The Hunter Janitor

    Tater, I dont know what to say either, except that i find the thought of someone doing that, repulsive beyond belief.
  5. Poor Mr. Paris Lane. After contemplating suicide on numerous occasions myself, I did the research. According to some insurance agents, under certain policies, when such a policy is retained for at least two years prior to the incident, beneficiaries may receive compensation after the policy holder successfully commits suicide. I doubt anyone informed Mr. Paris Lane, that his loving mother Martha, might benefit financially, if he had purchased a policy and waited two years to conclude his life. While a suicide with an audience may be greater than one without, it's despicable usage by lowlife parasitic vermin in this case, is appalling and merits an equally "vicious" penality in return.
  6. broadwayrock

    broadwayrock Shaking It All The Time

    Theres always been and always will be a black market for people want to be shocked.

    Snuff movies have always been kept more or less underground, but since the turn of the internet age we can expect for more of these types of films poping up to quench people's thirst for shock.
  7. Shadow Thief of the Sun

    Shadow Thief of the Sun Where's your savior now ?

    I'm wondering whether they're talking about website like Rotten/Ogrish.....

    "Snuff movies
    Fuck'em all
    We don't need
    Them at all

    For sick minds
    Making money
    On people who die"

    Agathocles - Snuff is not Tough
  8. que-em

    que-em Better Than Work

    Naw they are talking about Consumption junction WHATS YOUR DYSFUNCTION. I saw the video a couple weeks ago.
  9. Stownplayer

    Stownplayer Stown 3.2 Established Member

    The minority speaks

    I'd like to watch it. I don't think the dead dude gives a fuck. He didn't alive so why would he dead? Hell, he did reach a little degree of popularity, although it wasnt in rap music.

  10. SuitablyTwisted

    SuitablyTwisted Eugenics Advocate

    Hey, that's reality TV for ya. Sometimes reality is grim. Not at all a game like on "Survivor". Like to see one of those yahoos get eaten by wildlife or die trying one of their ridiculous stunts.
  11. Disgusting on both counts and doubly sad.
  12. rastilin

    rastilin Agent

    Personally I think the situation is just really bizzare. Thing is that the guy who died is not about to care what happens afterward, mind you depending on his interests there's a good chance he might think it's pretty cool.

    There's not much you can really do about something like this, doing a psych analysis of all the people in the local police force would probably be a good start and might help in other areas. I'm betting the police put the cameras there because they could more easily diffuse crime, taking them down will proably not benefit the neighbourhood.
  13. Potato

    Potato poe-tay-toe Established Member

    janett, I was referring to posting it on the internet, not the suicide itself.
  14. moneoa

    moneoa Vita!!!!!!! Staff Member Moderator

    good, its nasty and only voyeuristic sick'os would want to watch that garbage. Sympathy to the parents and hopes that the garbage in question is removed, amazing some prick would have the disregard to post that on a web site.
    guess theres always one huh
  15. moneoa

    moneoa Vita!!!!!!! Staff Member Moderator

    hmmm....well my bad this is kind of a righteous statememnt Janet is right...dude might have thought it was cool depending on his personality but...well inherently its least I think so
  16. inmate347

    inmate347 Member

    I think it's kind of interesting. The idea of watching some one else die is weirdly appealing. Death is something we're all taught to fear. Watching some one take their own life is almost like slowing down to see a car wreck. After reading this post, I sought out some suicide videos on one the file-sharing networks (they might have been fake). Watching them, I imagined that they were real, and wondered what happened in each of their lives. What caused them to get to that point, and what would it take for me to consider suicide. Watching them made me feel more alive. My own problems seem less important. I certainly don't consider watching those videos an important event in my life. In fact, by this time next week, they will have probably disappeared from my far-too- desensitized mind. However, I got something out of the experience.
  17. I don't recommend that you slow down for a car wreck. Doing so only worsens the clog in the already strained and inefficient drainage/supply system.
    If your own "personal" conclusion video was released and available for rent at a large media chain, would you rent and view it for the low, low price of $1.09?

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