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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by .::BeatFactory::., Mar 18, 2004.

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  1. .::BeatFactory::.

    .::BeatFactory::. The man, the myth,...

    Ban me for posting another thread if you feel like you need to but it would be ZP's loss.

    I don't usually see an entire thread closed because a certain member was " trolling" but hey, maybe that's just my luck.

    I understand it isn't my job to define the rules or debate them either. I just thought that I'd help them become more clarified because they seem pretty broad and changing with the respectable post. I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one that doesn't completely understand the rules that you are enforcing. If I understood them, I would not be posting this right now.

    It might be unreasonable and unneccessary to you, but as the most open posting moderator here, I figured that I would probably go to you first for you to answer my questions. You aren't much older than me, Sephiroth, and I don't know about intelligence and knowledge, but I know I'm not inferior to you nor am I implying that I am. I'm just trying to discuss this on the same level as you, without you having to close yet another thread. Oh yeah, one more thing, I will never be satisfied with anything, so it's not like I'm trying to figure something out until I'm satisfied, it's just that I do not understand your viewpoint.

    I feel like my post was in good taste and was well balanced as you explicitly explained in the other threads, so it shouldn't have gotten closed.
  2. method77

    method77 High Fidelity

    may I speak to the manager please?
  3. I certainly agree with Beatfactory's sentiments above--there was no reason to close BF's thread, nor his previous one, or Moonman's. It's very hard to have an intelligent debate with the members on contemporary issues without being closed.

    Wouldnt a more logical thing to do be to:

    1. Ask the poster to modify his thead, so one couldnt misinterpret them as promoting for an organization
    2. Warn trolling members in Pivate Message

    ...rather than closing a thread for the rest of the members who are respectfully abiding by the rules?
  4. babarfloyd

    babarfloyd Lost in a sea of madness

    I don't completely understand them either. When I got temp-banned it seemed like he was making up the rules as he went. Even when I pointed out to him that I was following the rules as he was stating them he would change them again. I see the same behaviour from him in the last few threads that he closed, too.
  5. .::BeatFactory::.

    .::BeatFactory::. The man, the myth,...

    I expect this thread to be closed soon, so whatever... even ES5 was more tolerable than this...

    Bye, I might lurk every now and then but you won't see me that often anymore.

    Peace out, and Sephiroth, I've never had a bone to pick with you before but when you start taking the fun out of it for me, the past just goes down the put it bluntly, I hope you get your head out of your ass sooner than later. I like this site and I wish I could continue to enjoy it.
  6. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Member

    Well i think ive been pretty clear. If you have a actualy question please post it.

    of the latest thing ive described the threads IMHO accurate enough so that it should be pretty clear that its about these "threads" which are made by some group and encourage people to "get the word out." Its these type of political threads that caused almost all the flaming here and led to why we had to start closing them in the first place.

    So ill let you decide this one should i try to focus in on the real problem ones so that others could be allowed and wouldnt wound up closed within half a day or should i have continued to do things more broad based like before?

    Another problem is people labeling them as "intelligent" debates when most people are just repeating verbatim what the opinions of some web site, demagouge, or orgainization and it ends up as who can google the best arguement to be "right" or petty insults neather are really intelligent.

    And its this verbatim copying of others that is how the majority of these threads are created not because someone actually wants to have a discussion which a discussion impiles that no one is right nor wrong and are respectiful to eachother which out of all of the political threads maybe only 1-2 were like this and if they all were like that then there would be no problem..
  7. Kyle06

    Kyle06 Member

    The only thing I can say is, why lately have you been a "stickler" closeing threads and what not and the other moderators arn't closing them also....

    I mean The Hunter is always here closing threads that "NEED" to be closed but you close them when "You" don't like what people are talking about.... or someone is trying to bring a site or a updated program to everyone's attention..

    If I made sence I think I made my point.....

    If not I will try again
  8. Seph--Thanks for asking for input on this issue from the membership. I think you should focus on the problem posts so the rest of the discussions can continue. That should bring some order and decorum to the forums and make them much less a hassle to moderate.


    Seph: "Re: "Another problem is people labeling them as "intelligent" debates when most people are just repeating verbatim what the opinions of some web site, demagouge, or orgainization.."

    I don't know a way around that. Sometimes other sources are good reference points to note when making an argument. (But for the record, my comments on the Rumsfeld tape weren't lifted from other sources--they're my own)
  9. kiwibank

    kiwibank Member


    while these boards have been flooded with useless news items aout bush and iraq, there is not one news post or new thread on zeropaid discussing the results of the spanish selective can you get? why, as selective as certain zeropaid mods are of course.....


    on zeropaid, it pays to be "flame resistant". it`s a matter of survival.
  10. You should post one, Kiwi.
  11. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Member

    That would be ideal even though it can get very tedious. The same people complaining now would still be complaining because if we remove the problem post then they will make the same claims they are now and call it "heavy handed",
    "censorship" and so on. So either way the same people are likely to complain with the same way they are now.

    So i guess we could try it that way, at least those who dont cause the problems and actually can have a discussion(again implies no one is right nor wrong and are respectful towards eachother) can post.
  12. kiwibank

    kiwibank Member


    i just did...let`s see if it surfaces...


    on zeropaid, it pays to be "flame resistant". it`s a matter of survival.
  13. rebirth

    rebirth Transmission Intermittent

    it's not closed...yay
  14. notbob

    notbob I say what I want Established Member

    anything would be better than your plan, which is piss off everyone with half a brain and get them to leave, so that you look like you have half a brain cell in comparison to the retards left here
  15. This is good news. I think it could work & people's and mod's frustrations could become a thing of the past.
  16. There ya go Sephi now your gettin it right. See even NotBob said atleast you had half a brain :p

    Your on the right path man and I'll be the first to congratulate you.
  17. method77

    method77 High Fidelity

    so master sheph will actually allow people to post their opinions? That's great. I feel liberated now!

    ARE YOU PEOPLE SERIOUS????? No 15 year old will tell me how to talk damnit!

    EDIT: Sorry I forgot... No half-brained 15 year old tells me how to talk!
  18. aqlo

    aqlo Cartoon Superhero

    I sort of like it when you clean out stupid spammy cant-be-bothered-to-comment cut-and-paste seed threads myself. Why can't people be bothered to post something besides a blind link or an unlinked news post or some stupid chain mail they received?

    The problem you run into is when the members go ahead and redeem that thread with a bunch of their own useful comments. Then they start to take it personally I guess.

    But really what was the original thread about? Some funny video from MoveOn? So it would have been a good idea for somebody to post a picture or something pretty quick. Or maybe just start a better thread that didnt look so much like a blind drop.

    As I understand it you can't ditch the first post of a thread without the thread vanishing too. So by not closing them and deleting the substandard posts instead aren't we going to lose some of these threads completely?
  19. We are going to try an experiment at Beatking in which we solidify similar topics into one continuous thread. For instance, rather than have a 100 political articles about the upcoming US Presidential election, we are going to combine them all into one thread--in our case, we are calling it the BK's Bush-Kerry 2004 Presidential Election Thread.

    We have no idea whether this will work or not, but we think it might contain numerous threads and spams, and at the same time, keep the debate lively without repeating itself ad nauseum. Perhaps something like this might be useful for ZP's mods and members?
  20. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Member

    No debates. Why because Debates imply someone is "right" and someone else is "wrong" and is about trying to make your case that your right which is what leads to flaming and the immature comments.

    They are not Discussions which are just to discuss and no one is either right or wrong because its just their opinion and one does not have to agree or try to prove it wrong to have a discussion. Because instead of proving why someone else is wrong you can just give your opinion on why you believe in what you do instead.

    Also implies that your posting your own opinion and not just copying them from some site, demagouge or political orgainzation. Which is the exact opposite in "debates."

    The problem after thinking about it was people trying to have a debate and a dicussion in both threads and they even get mentioned as they are one and the same.

    I think the plan posted orginally here can work out pretty good and i think we should try that first and see how it works out before anything else.

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