Studios take Newzbin2 clampdown to big ISPs (ZDNet)

Discussion in 'News' started by Drew Wilson, Nov 9, 2011.

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    The Motion Picture Association has begun the process of forcing the UK's big ISPs to block the Newzbin2 file-sharing site.

    Virgin Media and TalkTalk received letters on Monday from the MPA, which said the film industry body plans to seek a court order to obtain the block. The letters also asked whether the ISPs planned to contest the order, the companies told ZDNet UK.

    "[The MPA] is now coming after all the big other ISPs and asking them to do the same thing [as BT]," TalkTalk's regulatory chief Andrew Heaney said on Tuesday.

    The MPA won a court order in July forcing BT to block retail customer access to Newzbin2, a Usenet site that helps people unlawfully share copyrighted material. The movie studio group made it clear at the time that it would at some point seek a similar block from other major ISPs.

    In late October, the court gave BT two weeks to start blocking Newzbin2. BT began filtering traffic days later, using the Cleanfeed technology it had previously installed to prevent access to child pornography sites.


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