stick with win 98 or go to XP??

Discussion in 'Desktop' started by DiddlySquat, Sep 13, 2002.

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  1. DiddlySquat

    DiddlySquat Advanced Biotch!

    Right now i currently have win 98 (just down-graded from was CRAP) im not sure if i want to go to XP or not....what are the advantages and disadvantages? THANKS!

    o yeah here's my system

    AMD Duron 850 MHz
    20 Gig HD
    16MB vid card (on my way to the store tomorrow for a GeForce 3)
    512 MB ram
  2. neoufo51

    neoufo51 Member

    Huge Stability and security improvements. Better support for the latest video, graphics and wireless transfer standards. Very easy to use, even if you think Win98 is too easy, wait till you try XP. And its pretty:bling
  3. Power Penguin

    Power Penguin Member

    Win 98 vs Xp

    I used to use 98 and on a couple of occasions I had to completely reinstall as it wouldn't start at all.

    I've not had this problem with XP.

    All your programs will work too. What you waiting for?

    Rush down to your nearest software emporium and buy a copy (ahem)
  4. DiddlySquat

    DiddlySquat Advanced Biotch!


    i like all the software features but i heard that XP doesnt suppored a lot of hardware.....or did the SP1 fix that?:hole
  5. DiddlySquat

    DiddlySquat Advanced Biotch!


    I'm a newbie to this forum but i am pretty good at computers. just to let all yall know that im not a total newb...:cross
  6. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Member

    If your computer can run XP then you want to get XP or Win2k. XP is suppose to be better for games but i think all current and future games should run on win2k with no problems. Win9.x/ME arent that great and itsnt worth the bugs, crashes, and etc. that they are known for. Using it just because of often exgerrated claims about XP and MS and because your paranoid is not a good reason.
  7. Travis982

    Travis982 accelerated particle

    Go with XP! XP & 2k are my favourites (in the MIcrosoft family).

    There are some programmes that won't run with XP, but not very many. And most hardware mfgs have updated drivers on their websites for XP. XP is similar to 2k (internally) and runs quite stably.

    DOS access is gone, but can be restored with a patch.

    If you find you need to tweak XP, visit where you'll find explanations of various processes, whether they're necessary for your configuration, and how to disable or enable them.

    Beware of service pack 1. If you've done tweaks and later install SP1, you'll find it slyly overrides many tweaks. Read a lot about SP1 before installing it. In my opinion it's a sneaky update.
  8. DiddlySquat

    DiddlySquat Advanced Biotch!

    well...looks like i've got some shopping to do

    thanks for the help guys....hopefully i'll be able to get by this weekend!:black
  9. DigitalJunkie

    DigitalJunkie Still learning.........!

    I heard there are anti pirating features with SP-1, does anyone having problems yet?
  10. dverma75

    dverma75 Retiring Soon


    there sre pstches available to get rid of this thing
  11. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Member

    Not if you own a LEGAL copy then you should not have any problems at all.. is another good site which has alot of XP tweaks on it.
  12. bobhss

    bobhss Cornerstone 2007

    I'd go XP. I also had the crap called ME. Too many problems. The only downside to XP has been in the two older pieces of hardware it didn't support: a Logitech Quickcam and a Canon Laser Printer. I bought new ones. Nothing too big for the stability I found thanks to it's roots in Win2K. Filesharing has been fine with it too, but I've only run Gnucleus and Kazaa Lite on it, no experience with the other programs and XP here.
  13. Don't forget that if any programs don't work under XP, u can set the compatibility mode to another version of windows and it should work fine.
  14. Crazy Horse

    Crazy Horse ZP Troll SWAT Team Established Member

    I agree with Stoner

    For pretty much all his reasons. Don't buy because it looks good. XP definitely has it's share of problems and I've read alot of them. The constant patches are something to keep a close eye on. Bill Gates is getting ready to screw the p2p people in a big way. Sp 1 has some dubious things written in and the next patch will have more. Bet on it. I also agree about the 98se not crashing if properly configured. It has been a good os for me and until I'm sure about XP being clean, stable & nothing hidden to block my fun then I will stick with what I have.
  15. «°¤§téålth§t®îk餰»

    «°¤§téålth§t®îk餰» Advanced Zeropaid Fan

    i guess i'll be the ignoranis in this thread cause i'm not good with OS's and ask this question.

    I have ME, where should i go to know more about it?

    Should I upgrade or degrade or stay?
  16. ston

    ston Member


    The best solution is to install both operating systems. Use Partition Magic to partition your hard drive, then install both Windows 98SE and XP.

    This is because lot of software does not run at all or runs poorly on XP, even in emulation mode.

    I could make a very long list of things I have discovered that only work or work better in Win98 than XP.

    However, in the future both software and hardware will be optimized for XP, and support for 98 will eventually be dropped.

    Another advantage in having 2 OS's is in case one gets corrupted, you can boot into the other to fix the problem.

    Since you can download both os's for free off newsgroups, IRC, FTP, or P2P's like Fasttrack or eDonkey, there is no excuse not to have both operating systems on your computer.
  17. Angry Dad

    Angry Dad Member

    Help Stoner

    How do you remove the spyware from 98se.
  18. method

    method yeah, whatever...

    A lot depends on what u wanna do with your connection.

    I was 98SE-pro all the way until I needed to install cable and run stuff where my OS could handle 1000 connections or more...

    I probably would have upgraded to XP but for one, my computer isn't really that up-to-scratch (only 192 Mb RAM and 400mhz) and for two.. I just don't trust the way MS are going these days.

    I opted for Win2k 'coz of it's stability (which it must be said, XP has as well!!) and for the fact that it's not full of eye candy, i wanted something simple that would run fast on my lame machine.

    So far, I'm happy, I'd probably like to use XP but I just don't want my system being bogged down with a fancy UI to make the OS more 'friendly' for users. Either way.. it's time to upgrade.. Win2k or XP, if you're computer can handle the extra requirements of XP.. go for it, if not, Win2k ain't too bad and nowadays.. has very few compatibility problems too. :)
  19. method

    method yeah, whatever...

    oh btw.. if u wanna run two or three windows versions and don't want to partion drives.. u can also use VMWare ;)
  20. Angry Dad

    Angry Dad Member

    thanks stoner

    cheers mate

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