Step by Step how to use freenet.

Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by Lucian, Jul 1, 2003.

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  1. Lucian

    Lucian Member

    How to install and use Freenet.

    First step in using freenet,

    1.)Download and run freenet-webinstall.exe
    2.) Go through the default install, dont change or edit anything
    3.)When its finished installing it, run it, when its running you'll see its icon enter your system tray. If it doesnt run automatically, click the grey / blue rabbit icon.
    4.) Now the icon should be in your system tray on the right side, you know, next to your dialup connection icon, your ICQ/AIM, etc.
    5.)Open your browser, if you use IE open it, if you use Mozilla open that.
    6.)Double click your rabbit icon in the system tray, or you can right click and select "Open Gateway"
    7.)Enter the Freenet gateway and surf it as you would the WWW.

    Freenet replaces the WWW, its not a file sharing application, you surf Freenet in the same way you found your way to this site, you point and click through the links on the gateway. IF you need more help theres a help link on the gateway page.
  2. Induna

    Induna Vote John Kerry!

    What about using this FROST, and don't you have to change the size of the space you allocate on your hard drive because the default option is too small?
  3. What about router configuration? Are there any ports that need to be forwarded in order to get Freenet to work properly?
  4. mr.jip

    mr.jip correct boywonder!, read the fag, its an interesting program, its not mainly a p2p clients its more........more something else
  5. isamoor

    isamoor Member

    freenet's cool

    Freenet is sort of an alternative to the internet. Once you have freenet running, you can browse around to pages that reside on freenet only.

    I don't believe you should need any port forwarding... But maybe if you run a very strict firewall. The configuration file, or the preferences dialog both are easy to read and should list the ports. I can say this works easily from behind even a campus firewall though.

    It's still very much a work in progress, and it's getting better all the time. It is also completely anonymous. A big selling point these days.

    If you are serious about running a permanent (always-on) node, then yes, you should dedicate more than the default 256Megs to freenet. Only run permanent if you mean to stay up for long periods though.

    Frost is okay. It does try to index freenet and make it searchable. To get on the good boards now though you need to find their keys since they are encrypted.

    It's not really like you need to search freenet though, the portal gives some good links to some gateway pages that sum up Freenet pretty well. You can go from there to any of the maintaned freenet web sites.

    If you really want to download files from freenet, I already made a short guide over here:

    Hope that helps,

  6. Lucian

    Lucian Member

    freenet has a search engine already. but theres no security for it, I suggest you wait until its fully developed.
  7. Lucian

    Lucian Member

    Learn freenet before moving on to freenet applications such as frost.

    Once you learn how to surf freenet, then you can learn frost, and learn how to make freesites etc. I'm not going to teach how to use frost today, save that for next time in another thread.
  8. paradox99

    paradox99 Member

    Let's all spread the word!

    In 1993, Mosaic gave us the web,
    In 1996, ICQ let us chat to each other,
    In 1998, WinAMP gave us music,
    In 1999, Napster gave us easy searching.

    And times were good.

    Then in 2003, the RIAA gave us a reason to fear...

    The time has come -
    our freedom and privacy are under immediate threat.

    Educate yourself about Freenet NOW!


    Be part of the Next Generation of the Internet as it is about to be born.

    Yes it's slower than you're used to.
    Yes it takes a little bit of work...
    It may not be what you're used to,
    But the RIAA has declared WAR on us all, and we have to fight back!

    It's the start of a new web order - and we all have to work together to see it through.


    Freenet has unlimited potential storage.
    It is 100% open source free code and it is 100% anonymous.

    Install Freenet (it includes Java),
    Let your new "node" run as long as you can, as often as you can.

    While running your node, you can access "freesites" with your browser,
    find a freepage with your favorite topic and download, or insert (share) new pages and files as you wish.


    Our community needs leaders and innovators!
    We need to get out there and build new "freesites".
    We need people willing to pioneer the new net.

    Join the revolution and take your place in determining how our internet is used in the future. It belongs to ALL of US, not the RIAA!

    GET a Freenet node running NOW.
    You have nothing to lose but your freedom.

    Freenet Homepage :

    One-Click Installer :

    Some Legal and Security Background:

    Spread the word, and we will prevail
  9. Theinfamousone

    Theinfamousone Krell's Hitman Established Member

    Well, the only problem is that in this last Madster ruling, the courts just found that if we are harboring illegal content on our computers in anyway, we are just as liable as if we knew full well it was on our computers.

    Basically, that means this was a waste of time, although I do like the fact that it's kind of a free web space and we can set up our own web pages and stuff.
  10. isamoor

    isamoor Member


    With Freenet, you might technically be harboring illegal content, but it'd be rather hard to prove. I don't think even the owner of a cache can really know what's inside of it. It's all encrypted, and the majority of it is just pieces and parts of anything.

    And it might not be that easy to track where you download pieces from. Freenet makes a lot of connections at once searching for content. I suppose you could narrow it down to the people who you get sizable data from though.

    I like the idea of anonymous one way UDP connections that fileHoover mentioned elsewhere, but I know that a lot of people can't even use UDP in places.


  11. mr.jip

    mr.jip correct boywonder!

    yea but gettin music isnt the main feacture of freenet, its just an alternative internet
  12. aqlo

    aqlo Cartoon Superhero

    No, they found that if you are running a corporation that specializes in illegal file-sharing, then intentional encryption doesn't keep you from being liable for your share of potential residuals lost. Freenet is distributed, there is no corporation, there is no profit to be seized.

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