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Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by robincheema, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. robincheema

    robincheema Guest

    hi I am in great deal of troble well guys I signed up for a backcats account then I got the conformation in my email I conformed it then it told me to sing in and I did that but didn't work I tried to recover password, but it said my email, the one I used to sing up and got the conformation email, is not in there data base. now I tried to contact staff/ admins about my problem but IRC it private so I can't connect. I tryed o sing up again as its open right now but it says that I need to wate for 7 days for it to resign up as my IP as already signed up. but I haven't. now I need your help to sign up for me, PM me for my email and username, make your own password. help will be appreciated.
  2. ramyrakan

    ramyrakan Member

    hi mate

    this trible problem

    i will get in their IRC Channed and ask them

    but provide me with your Email , Username and Password
  3. robincheema

    robincheema Guest

    PM Sent thanks man hope fully this works..:icon_thum
  4. urut

    urut Guest

    too late too late
  5. Reserton

    Reserton Member

  6. ramyrakan

    ramyrakan Member

    i pm u mate ?? see it
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  7. robincheema

    robincheema Guest

    got it guys thanks ramyrakan your the best defenately gonna add some reputation to your account. thanks again I live black cats. case closed.
  8. ramyrakan

    ramyrakan Member

    No thanx mate ,, it is my Duty


    any other help ... ramyrakan is here
  9. juliatic

    juliatic Member

    Similar situation here... I've received one activation email and clicking in the url of type ""
    i receive the following message:

    <<Not Found (404)

    Sorry pal :(>>

    I'm really desperate... can't reply to the email cos i receive the following one:

    Technical details of permanent failure:
    PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 13): 550 unknown user

    And i can't login cos i can't activate my account.

    I was waiting during 2 months to get my account and now i got it i'm really frustated with this strange situation...

    my email is same email here :( What can i do????

    :icon_salu :icon_salu :icon_salu
  10. lezwez

    lezwez Member

    Pm me your username i will ask for you
  11. juliatic

    juliatic Member

    juliatic must be my username, and i made the account today (GMT+1).

    They emailed me at j u l i a t i c @ g m a i l .c o m

    Thanks so much in advance...
  12. lezwez

    lezwez Member

    *** Topic is Welcome to Blackcats+TSZ IRC The tracker and site are having issues due to the number of concurrent logins. Please be patient. If your friend has had trouble registering, tell them to come here. We will not make an account for "your friend"

    You have to go in their irc
  13. juliatic

    juliatic Member

    i haven't used before IRC ... i usually use another mssenger sw...

    trying to connect to 6667 without password, but can't enter...

    "[21:52] Welcome to HydraIRC! v0.3.160 (4/May/2007)
    [21:52] Use the "Connect" toolbar button or press "Ctrl+S" to get started!
    [21:52] *** Connecting to "" (Attempt 1 of 110)
    [21:52] *** Resolving host name
    [21:52] *** Connecting to
    [21:52] *** Socket Error (10060: Attempt to connect timed out without establishing a connection)
    [21:52] *** Unable to connect to IRC server
    [21:52] *** Disconnected (2007-09-25 21:52:46)
    [21:52] *** Connect attempt 1 of 110 failed, delaying retry for 30 seconds (Click "Disconnect" to cancel)

    what i should do??? thanks again for your patience

    (I've installed HydraIRC client)
  14. lezwez

    lezwez Member

    download mirc from


    once installed click continue

    a screeen shall pop up and enter your details name emaill adress and nick
    then go down to servers on the left hand side and click add you should see another box popup

    put these two in the first two boxes description and then ircserver

    Click ok

    Then highlight the server and remeber to click select otherwise it wont connect to the right place after this go back to the page where you filled in your nickname and stuff and click connect ater this another box pops up

    Type blackcats

    and you will join their channel

    Sorry i can't help futher but i do not want to get kicked from the channel the message i posted before this one is the channle topic so it's not hard to miss.

    Also i do not know what your error message means sorry im not a computer guru i wish i was i could be more helpfull
  15. CiS

    CiS Member

    Maybe they didn't like the song you chose to sing in with. :icon_tong
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  16. robincheema

    robincheema Guest

    lol well stop bumping up a old post...
  17. CiS

    CiS Member

    ahh I didnt even realize how old it was. I just saw that it was a recent post :)
  18. HelenaP

    HelenaP go luath.. céanna go luat Established Member Contributor

    CIS didn't bump it.

    This person did-
    Kudos to him/her too, rather than start a new thread. :icon_thum
    Shows that the search function works well!

    YaaY for "Search!"

  19. Hath

    Hath I Have a HUGE Manatee!

    Um, I have the same problem. What should I do?
  20. HelenaP

    HelenaP go luath.. céanna go luat Established Member Contributor

    ^Do that.^


    I thought you were quite helpful indeed.

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