Should I switch from DC to WASTE?

Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by goweropolis, Oct 6, 2003.

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  1. goweropolis

    goweropolis Member

    I currently run a private Direct Connect hub using password authentication. Is there a benefit for me to move to WASTE?

    I am very happy with DC. I like the mainroom chatting, I like browsing users' shared file lists. The only major feature it lacks is multi-source transfers. Does WASTE support that feature?

    Also, DC clients requires a little more work to setup those pesky active connections. Is WASTE more user friendly from that respect?
  2. mr.jip

    mr.jip correct boywonder!

    waaste is safer, i think, not sure tho. U can only have 50 peeps to a room tho
  3. DainBramaged

    DainBramaged I have a twitch

    What would be your reason for switching? Is there something you are looking for in particular that you feel WASTE can deliver to you better than DC can?

    WASTE is invite only, if you configure it correctly.
    WASTE is pretty secure, if you configure it correctly.
    WASTE can use IP access control lists, if you so desire.
    WASTE is hella fast.
    WASTE allows you to limit bandwidth, both in and out.
    WASTE allows you to limit the # files you DL.
    WASTE allows you to limit the # downloads per host.
    WASTE allows you to set directories as shared directories, rescanning, et al.
    WASTE can search all buddies, or search within one buddie's shared files, if allowed by the user.
    WASTE allows you to send files to a user.
    WASTE allows you to limit the # of files you send.
    WASTE allows you to limit the # of files sent to you, prompting each sent file if you desire.

    Umm... I'm sure there's more, but that's a pretty complete list.
  4. eivioolla

    eivioolla Member

    From what I've understood you have to personally know and trust everyone you let in into your waste "ring" or whatever it's called for it to provide security. I guess it's better than DC if you think your ISP is trying to spy your traffic.
  5. mliesenf

    mliesenf Guest

    haha, my ISP the UF DHnet is trying to spy on me and every one of the other 7000 users, lol. You would use waste if you want to ensure a secure encrypted connection.
  6. rctempire


    Can anyone point me in the direction of a link for this

    A download link please
  7. DainBramaged

    DainBramaged I have a twitch

    This is unofficial WASTE 1.3c. Authors note that it is discontinued. As far as I know, there aren't any groups actively developing WASTE any further. It works though.
  8. c4117

    c4117 Guest

    varing levels of encrypted transfers and messaging-> security culture so no middle party ex. isp owned by media company wishing to sue you for your sharing freedom

    decentralized -> atonomous network that can't be shut down or go down as long as 1 person with a open listen port is running the clientserver

    sends -> auto accepts on by default( great for use as a dump while traveling or for friends to send you stuff without you you browseing thru their list for it)
    you control who you share with and how fast -> free association

    powerful searching -> file extentions, containing folder names, partial file name matching, and a filter to boot. so its a bit better than dc search but dc search is good too.

    chat -> multiple chat rooms and even hidden ones. as you know with DC since you run a hub you are the one who has deal with all the bandwith of the chat. and as people who are on any DC hub should know the person running the hub can see all you chat plain text, yes even your private messages to other users, also using the hub runners bandwith.

    passive to passive transfers -> (only p2p that can do this i know of (maybe BT or freenet can do something similar)) using sleek proxy tech that finds where the unused bandwith is and uses it, higher speeds are achived when one can move to active (open listen port) of course thou able to do dirrect connections with all (given they accept your key ;)

    Add your Friends- Each person in a mesh can add others, given they have open port 1337 and routing

    50 user limit? -> disproven i've seen meshes @ 130 running fine

    simple yet powerful and, safe secure and stable.

    in other words its a good choice for people who trust eachother to build a nice darknet. but if nobody trusts you (or vice versa) or you have no friends who value security culture maybe it's not for you. its deff. not for you if you are a powergeek and like to read peoples private messages when you run a hub and force people to share how you want them to.

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  9. stealthspy

    stealthspy Zeropaid Elite

    Isn't that Illegal?
  10. notbob

    notbob I say what I want Established Member

    It's a government operated isp for public housing (at a public university in florida?)

    they can do whatever they want since the people don't pay for it(technically)--it's tuition and/or taxpayer funded

    who is stopping you from getting your own apartment and dsl/cable? your school and the taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for your downloading
  11. pyrophoric4

    pyrophoric4 Member

    I cant get Waste to connect. Both computers have routers. Do I need to enable the port that Waste uses?
  12. Omyn

    Omyn Member

    Yes, it would only make sense to do so pyro.

    How do you expect data to go through?
  13. YaRi

    YaRi Member

  14. isamoor

    isamoor Member

    Compressed traffic ain't what it's cracked up to be since most mp3s and avis are already compressed to the hilt.

    BTW: Are you the Yuri that worked on that old gnutella client by any chance?



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