Shareconnector dead?

Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by Aaron73153, Mar 30, 2004.

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  1. Aaron73153

    Aaron73153 Member

    Has shareconnector met the same fate as sharreactor?
  2. PiRaNeTuS

    PiRaNeTuS lulz Established Member

    I don't know. I would say no though. I would think that they are just having bandwidth issues. They were a much smaller site and once sharereactor died, alot of people jumped over to shareconnector (don't know why, site wasn't that great). I think they should be up soon once bandwidth is resolved. Of course, I could be way off....

    In case you don't know, is a good site, as well as ,
  3. no the site isnt down, but it is very slow.
  4. ACIDman

    ACIDman Guest

    Hi there!
    I had an idea of opening an ed2k indexing site even before ShareReactor was closed, and now I think it is time to get the site done. I am not satisfied with either ShareConnector or other sites, so I think I can do something.
    Also, I don't want the site to be just like ShareReactor, and I decided that it will be about "art" software (like image editing, music/sound production, video, compositing, web design). I don't yet know the rules of the forum, but in case - I'm not advertising the site, only letting you know. Design which I'm half-way through with can be found here.
    What do you think of the whole idea? Making the engine for the site is no big deal for me, we just need people. And the engine itself can be later used for the "global" site, with all the software, games, movies etc., if there will be those who will be able to support it (I don't mean with money :) ).
  5. warez-wolph

    warez-wolph Member

    And where do you plan on having this page hosted where it won't be closed ?
  6. ACIDman

    ACIDman Guest

    Hmm.. That's a good point :).
    I know a couple of paid hosts, and I'll look through free hosts policies.
    The site is not hosting software, so they may allow it (on the free host I'm currently hosting on).
    So, do you generally support my idea? Don't worry, I'm not just dreaming :). I have a lot of experience in PHP programming, and I'm willing to spend my time working on the engine.
    What I do need is people who will actually add releases to the site's database.
  7. ACIDman

    ACIDman Guest

    Oh.. Don't you guys use too many modules for vBulletin (to forum admins) :)?
    I'm not totally against that but too many isn't too good either.
  8. unite

    unite Guest

    Fyi is good.
  9. welshy andy

    welshy andy Member

    hes fooked of with all the cash,strange isit when he asks for donations and site goes down
  10. doubledoh

    doubledoh Member

    I was thinking the same thing...but the site goes down frequently enough to dispell rumors of that nature...I hope.

    They seem to always be "fixing" a problem with that site. Too bad they don't take some of that donation dosh and hire someone from to fix their crappy code. Using elance, I recently hired a rad programmer in india to make a cool sub-application for for one of my client's. Some of the elance'ers quoted around 20K to do indian programmer did it for 1500 bucks (and in one week)...andit works perfectly. And it's much more complicated than a damn links database!
  11. Mels_Smileys45

    Mels_Smileys45 JabberZombie Established Member

    Maybe you didnt read the news but its no more. It was raided and people were thrown in jail.
  12. doubledoh

    doubledoh Member

    Can you give us a news story link please?
  13. doubledoh

    doubledoh Member

  14. birk

    birk Staff

    ShareConnector is down. Will post more info as soon as I get some. There might be something new during the day. :)

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