SCO files suit against AutoZone

Discussion in 'Desktop' started by Aaron73153, Mar 3, 2004.

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  1. Aaron73153

    Aaron73153 Member

    SCO Group on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against auto parts retailer AutoZone, claiming the company has violated SCO's copyrights by using Linux.

    SCO alleges that AutoZone "violated SCO's Unix copyrights by running versions of the Linux operating system that contain code, structure, sequence and/or organization from SCO's proprietary Unix System V code in violation of SCO's copyrights," according to a statement from the company.

    Memphis, Tenn.-based AutoZone has about 3,000 stores nationwide. Company representatives could not immediately be reached for comment.

    The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Nevada, requests injunctive relief against AutoZone's further use or copying of any part of SCO's copyrighted materials and also requests damages as a result of AutoZone's infringement in an amount to be proven at trial.

    Separately, the company announced Wednesday a wider loss for its fiscal first quarter. The company said its net loss, after paying preferred dividends, was $2.25 million, or 16 cents per share, compared with a loss of $724,000, or 6 cents per share, a year earlier.

    Revenue for the quarter, which ended Jan. 31, fell to $11.4 million from $13.5 million in the same period a year ago.

    SCO said it will further discuss the lawsuit later Wednesday as part of its earnings call.

    The lawsuit was long expected. SCO Chief Executive Darl McBride announced on Monday plans to file a suit, but he didn't identify the company. SCO threatened in November to sue Linux users, although it missed a self-imposed mid-February deadline to do so.

    SCO, which owns a disputed amount of Unix intellectual property, inherited the agreements by which inventor AT&T and its successors licensed the operating system to IBM, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, Silicon Graphics, numerous universities and others. SCO has sued IBM for more than $5 billion in damages, alleging Big Blue violated its Unix contract by moving Unix technology to Linux that it should have kept secret.

    IBM denies wrongdoing and has countersued SCO for patent infringement. Meanwhile, Novell, a previous Unix owner, claims it owns Unix copyrights, forcing SCO to sue to establish ownership. And Linux seller Red Hat has sued SCO to try to establish that Linux doesn't violate SCO copyrights or trade secrets.

    SCO argues that companies must pay for a SCO intellectual property license to use Linux and thus avoid legal action--a license that costs $699 for a single-processor server. On Monday, became the first company to acknowledge signing up for the program

  2. cjules13

    cjules13 Member Established Member

    Just more FUD tactics....

    How can they possibly sue for a case they havn't even won yet?!?!?!?!

    It has not yet been proven that Linux uses Unix code, and even if it did, it has not been proven that SCO owns the rights anyway!

    What the fuck is wrong with these people? It's a dying gasp from SCO. I don't understand how you can file suit against something that's pending the outcome of another suit. If there's any law buffs here I'd like to learn how they let this happen...
  3. stts

    stts Member

    Whats the big mystery? They are simply beating people over the head with legal threats to make free money. If they dont want to get served and be forced to hire attorneys, then they need to pay $699.00 per server to SCO. A lot of people may see this as a bargain and SCO will get all this free money. Its just like lawyers suiting file sharers and threatening them if they dont pay money to settle early. A few letters get written and free money comes back by return mail. I think I may send a few threatening letters. i like the idea of getting free money to walk away. Maybe I can start my own info-mercial on TV: "How to threaten suit and make gobs of free money". $199.00 for an 8tape volume set. :)
  4. mcovey

    mcovey Member

    I saw that they were going to do that on slashdot the other day. I don't think they have great chances of winning, so long as the lawyers do a good job of explaining what Linux is and why it is, there isn't much basis for legal action. Until then, I better pay my Linux tarriff! ;-)
  5. MonkeyMadness

    MonkeyMadness Eek Eek Oook Oook Screech

    I hope AutoZone's lawyers chew them up and spit them out in court, and I hope the judge issues an official ruling stating that Darl (head idiot of SCO) is a moron and must ask permission before filing anymore anything in court.
  6. Siskabush

    Siskabush ZP Trancecore Cussin

    Goodbye SCO...Youre screwed!
    This lawsuit will get thrown out of court, and afterward, what company is gonna want to ally with SCO?

    Just as bad as the RIAA
  7. cjules13

    cjules13 Member Established Member

    They're worse IMO. They haven't even proved they own the copyright! At least they RIAA can prove that!
  8. Wolfie

    Wolfie Aku Soku Zan

    Good point, lol.
  9. RJ5500

    RJ5500 sailed away

    Yeah, I read in a news article yesterday that SCO is going to start a barrage of lawsuits against linux end-users.

    Total BS!
  10. isus

    isus Member

    didn't they also start a suit against daimler-chrysler?
  11. RJ5500

    RJ5500 sailed away

  12. shawners

    shawners Hurt no more my son.

    what damage has it done or caused?? If they dont want them to use it, ask them to stop.. period.
  13. RJ5500

    RJ5500 sailed away

    SCO is an obsolete company using these lawsuits as a last ditch effort to avoid bankruptcy in the hopes someone will buy them out.

    At least that's what I heard someone say on TechTV.

    SCO's first mistake was taking on IBM. IBM can probably hold out in court financially a lot longer than SCO can. Legal fees are expensive.

    SCO hasn't yet produced this "copywritten" code that they claim is theirs and theirs alone.

    There's a good chance that these lines of linux code have been in the public domain for many years and that AT&T actually holds the UNIX ownership and not SCO.
  14. camoor

    camoor Member

    Darn tootin. IBM isn't giving this up - they have too much invested. SCO needs to go away... now.
  15. RJ5500

    RJ5500 sailed away

    SCO is way too arrogant and "convinced" they're right to give up.

    SCO will probably persue their "claim" to whatever end.
  16. Aaron73153

    Aaron73153 Member

    There are rumors floating that their next target is Bank of America.


    SCO can't win against these corporations, especialy with such a shaky case.
  17. RJ5500

    RJ5500 sailed away

    Yeah, SCO just keeps driving thier name into the dirt with these baseless lawsuits.

    I hope SCO reailizes a lot of companies they're suing are a lot bigger than they are and probably have better lawyers.

    Even Linux founder Linus Torvalds thinks SCOs claims are BS ""The whole thing is just a charade to distract people from the real issue: that they (SCO) do not have a business," he said in an e-mail interview."
  18. cjules13

    cjules13 Member Established Member

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