Remixed: Rumsfeld ? caught on camera & more

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by .::BeatFactory::., Mar 18, 2004.

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  1. .::BeatFactory::.

    .::BeatFactory::. The man, the myth,...

    Blah... this is not like me to do this, but I feel that it has to be done by the rules...

    In response to this thread with more specific target to this post I am posting this. Since Sephiroth never seemed to want to debate/answer me, I am posting this as a response:
    Any opinions?

    To counter this 'cut and paste' little post... have this:

    Malaysia's Jew-Hating Ex-leader Endorses Kerry

    Here are some more just look around and you'll find what u need:

    Call it 'cut and paste' call it whatever you want. This is just as balanced as I can get...
  2. Re: Rumseld's Meet the Press Interview--Either Rumsfeld was tired, he had 'selective memory', or he is an out and out liar. Frankly, I don't get it. If Rumsfeld truly had any convictions, he would not be backing off his earlier statements.

    My problem with the Bush' administration's stance on the Iraq situation has nothing to do with the search for the WMD's--if they truly existed, or they thought they existed, then the search would have been honorable. But what isn't well publicized is that the Bush administration had plans to install a democracy in Iraq prior to Bush's election, and they didn't tell the American people about them. 911 gave them the rationale to to invade Iraq, but frankly, I find the switch and bait problematic. Buts thats just my opinion...
  3. babarfloyd

    babarfloyd Lost in a sea of madness

    I just read all the threads you posted and thought everybody might like to read this.

    It's a post by Seph on another site and it's pure comedy! You can read it here.

    The quote that is pure comedy:

    "IMHO personal politics doesnt make for good forum or chat administration."

    He truely is clueless, isn't he? Too funny!
  4. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Member

    Its not your job to define the rules, and they arent up for debate either. It is unreasonable and unneccessary to expect that im suppose to argue/debate everything done here with you and everyone else until you are all satisfied.

    Closed for trolling by babarfloyd which he should stop it or will be tempbanned again.
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