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Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by Mels_Smileys45, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. Mels_Smileys45

    Mels_Smileys45 JabberZombie Established Member

    I just wanted to ask a few questions as Im always hearing how usenet will always be safe and such.

    1) Why do people say usenet servers will always be around? Is there no way for the law or other body to step in and shut them down?

    2) How safe are the people who upload the content? Same as above, could these people be set up and busted? I know its been done with porno, why not other media?

    3) Do you think the fast growing popularity of usenet will cause trouble in the future?

    Please, I do not want any flaming. I only want to hear straight answers.
  2. Dark Messenger

    Dark Messenger Naruto Fan Established Member

    Jeez, I buy into this -->I do not want any flaming<-- line every time.


    A1)yea, the law could do that but because the retention isn't permanent by the time any legal action was taken the offending files would already have been removed from the server and the data house on the server is a bazillion 'text' messages which in that state are useless to anyone. kinda think of it like having charcoal, sulfur and whatever the other ingredient is to make gunpowder but no gunpowder or eggs, milk, sugar, flour, vanilla flavor but no cake.

    2) The people who upload through premium usenet services are pretty safe providing they aren't uploading kiddy porn or anything deemed offensive of that nature. As with all things if you do something bad enough it ain't that hard to track you down. With 'other things' do you mean pirated copies of the windows OS, new hollywood movies or music by billboard artists?

    The only thing protecting uploaders of that type of content is lol using premium usenet service providers *pay close attention now* who don't monitor --->b[DOWNLOADS[/b]<--- did you catch that? LOL read it again...they don't monitor downloads never mentioned anything about not monitoring what you've uploaded did they?

    3) the what? LOL its as old prostitution...that hasn't been stopped either..rotfl

    there I didn't flame.
  3. corey93

    corey93 Member

    they arent free but worth the money
  4. Shadowtester

    Shadowtester Member

    I love Usenet for downloading DVD movies never have a problem maxing out my dsl connection and no share ratio to worry about. If you do start using Usenet and nzb's learn about par2's as well they can be a very good friend on a 4+gig download. Also when your looking at a premium Usenet provider check the number of connections that are allowed and the binary file retention its not hard to get 50 or more days retention now on a premium provider the longer the retention the easier it will be to get complete file sets.
  5. Miniver

    Miniver Adjudicator Established Member

    1. Usenet has been around since the 70's. It is a huge decentralized network of servers which makes it extremely difficult to completely eradicate. Servers are everywhere.

    2. Those who upload could face legal troubles. I've never seen it but it wouldn't be that hard depending on what server it is uploaded to. For instance, I wouldn't upload to my verizon server. Only the inital server uploaded to can tell who sent it. Simple answer, don't upload. There are already plenty of release groups that fulfill practically any need. I've never heard of anyone getting in trouble for downloading from usenet.

    3. No.
  6. asymmetric

    asymmetric Member

    2) from Giganews' legal page:

    From Giganews' FAQ

    the last quote would not make me feel very safe, in case i was an uploader..
  7. carpefile

    carpefile Chronic Established Member

    Me neither, but then again, most people aren't uploaders. Most real usenet uploaders are in some kind of release group, for whatever type.
    Generally the machines they use to upload are hijacked and there's quite a bit of obfuscation between them and usenet.
    Don't be an uploader unless you know wtf you are doing.
    But downloading...........yummy.
  8. charlesmelissa

    charlesmelissa Member Established Member

    1. Usenet (newsgroups) serve a legitimate academic and communication purpose. It is like mIRC, it is not for file sharing. There is no way to legally attack it as "inducement" or any other of the areas usually persued. I just will not happen. That would be like trying to sue the manufacturers of CD's and DVD's to stop piracy, it just won't flush. I was using usnet before Napster. I well remember the Gopher (Go For) command. Before HTML there was usenet.

    2. Downloading is not monitored on most servers although you must be more careful with uploading. If you Google usenet, you will get a lot of hits, choose one that you can secure if you need to and does not log uploads. As far as the set up and bust, Usenet posts are not normally placed in response to requests. If you requested a movie, I would not post it to you, I would post it to the newsgroup and it would go to everyone and spread out around the world. It is the ultimate file sharing. There are no limits or ratios. You post, and anyone anywhere can download when they want to.

    3. I am not sure what theory the MPAA and the RIAA will try to attack Usenet for file sharing- they can't even figure that one out yet. They tried an infringement suit against newsbinz, but that didn't work. Newsbinz is an Index site, like torrentspy of isohunt for news groups.

    If you are ahead of the game, you are already using newsgroups to download. Give it a try, YOUR isp provides you with a news server- already. That is how I learned about it. Then I went to a yearly paid account, now I am using a non-expiring block account and buying downloads by the 100Gig at a time. It is a lot faster, no hastle, no file sharing problems, and no headaches.
  9. asymmetric

    asymmetric Member

    even kazaa could be used for legal purposes. that didn't save it tho!

    that's exactly what happened in italy (and all of europe maybe): they put a tax on recordable media, such as dvds and cds, and that money goes to the SIAE, which is the italian equivalent for RIAA.

    indexing sites have been brought down and closed many times in the past: suprnova, sharereactor, and many others. and isohunt and torrentspy had to put up an automated system for content removal, making them practically useless and untrustworthy.

    imho, there's absolutely no guarantee that usenet as we know it will keep on existing, especially because of its being based on a very limited number of companies that make money on piracy (let's face it, no one gets a giganews account for anything else than downloading pirated stuff).
  10. Kythe

    Kythe Too old for this Established Member

    The difference, though, is that Usenet's primary purpose is the posting of text messages. It's basically the world's biggest -- and one of the oldest -- bulletin boards.

    There's a world of difference between going after Usenet and going after Kazaa. Attacking Usenet would be like attacking the telephone system. It's not viable.

    Much better to 1) post fake files (Media Defender tactic) and 2) go after uploaders. For most of us, though, Usenet's about as safe as you can get. You don't have to upload at the same time, and downloading is very difficult to track without the direct help of the providers themselves.
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  11. troyk1

    troyk1 Member

    wow thanks for all this info.... I've tried to google this stuff and have found it hard to find any real useful information...
  12. Zombieman123

    Zombieman123 Member

    I'd use this if there wasn't a monthly fee.
  13. RoninRonin

    RoninRonin Member

    Don't most people that get sued by the RIAA or some other four letter word because they are sharing the files. I would think it would be harder for them to successfully sue people that only download.

    And is there any benefit to using a usenet provider that offers encrypted downloads?

  14. Malware

    Malware Member

    ya the monthly fee kills it for me, but as long as your not uploading, then its about as safe as anything else
  15. 1cooldude

    1cooldude gone into the sunset

    UseNet technology.

    Mel, if you read this article i don't think Usenet is as safe as people make it sound! While, it's been flying under the "radar" for a while, the amount of traffic has grown substiantilly, enough to raise the interest of MPAA and RIAA. That, can not be very good for anyone who is strictly using it for d/ls. I, myself use the protocol quite a bit but then i also use torrent and some newer methods. :D

  16. Miniver

    Miniver Adjudicator Established Member is not usenet

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