PureTNA Down?

Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by Fireinthedawn, May 9, 2007.

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  1. Is PureTNA Down for you too? What are some of the alternatives?
  2. redMonster

    redMonster Flying Without Wings

    PureTNA is working for me. Some of the alternatives are empornium, cheggit, pussytorrents and fileporn.
  3. moshie

    moshie Member

    working for me too , check your HOST blocker or peer ip blocker if you still cant view
  4. ofca

    ofca Member

    Works fine. On the side note, this seems to be the best pr0n tracker :)
  5. james7777

    james7777 Member

  6. TexBrad

    TexBrad Member

    puretna still working great for me, this and enpornium give me the best results
  7. chatree

    chatree Member

    hey...so any1 here still having problems to get into puretna??

    i couldnt even sign in and access to anywhere in Puretna website..
  8. chunkyc

    chunkyc Member

    i cant

    i cant get on it it keeps referring me bk to the FAQ section
  9. chatree

    chatree Member

    it works for me now man..
    everything in Puretna works fine..
    try it again
  10. xtrendkill

    xtrendkill Member

    people still use empornium? why?
  11. chunkyc

    chunkyc Member

  12. chunkyc

    chunkyc Member

    it works now, strange
  13. DwarfBaby

    DwarfBaby Member

    Nice site and yes it works. Haven't been watching that much porn lately but I'll give this site a try.
  14. fridash

    fridash Member

    i love this site works great here
  15. AliGEver

    AliGEver Member

    It works :)
    And i love that site
  16. nutte15

    nutte15 Member

    works 100% p0rn 4 eva!!!!!!!!
  17. tkbrit

    tkbrit Member

    Try using the forum search function or the open sign up thread, there are plenty of sites that have open sign ups.
  18. dillinja

    dillinja Member

    I dont think puretna is good for young mens health.

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