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Discussion in 'Sony Playstation' started by Sightblinder, Nov 6, 2010.

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    Hello everyone

    It's a long time that I was online in this forum because of personal matters,

    But now I hope I'll be more online and can contribute to this forum, so here it goes.

    I don't know if someone has post this already but just to be sure :)

    PS3 Jailbreak is a method of hacking your PS3 to run Homebrew and ''Backups'' of your games.

    There are free solutions and paid solutions, I don't have experience with the paid solutions but I have with the free, I use the PSGroove load of Hermes on my TI-84+

    If you are interested here are a couple of sites that provided further information:

    I hope this helpes, for more information just post or pm me :)
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