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    Bluetack programs:

    Link: Protowall
    Description from the site:


    If you p2p like I do, you cannot have enough security against prying eyes
    that have invaded the community. Drastic measures have been taken by
    the likes of the Riaa and Mpaa, as well as all the Sub-Contracted cronnies of the movie
    and record industry. Introducing their worst nightmare.ProtoWall + The Blocklist manager.
    ProtoWall Blocks incoming packets from Internet addresses that are on the
    Bluetack Blacklists. The Blocklist is supported Globally and then is sorted
    (Overlapping Resolved) and then converted to various formats (ProtoWall, PeerGuardian,

    Why does ProtoWall Standout above the rest?

    External Firewall blockers are complete resource hogs and have a tendecy
    to crash your system,but with Protowall it is Xp Driver Based, which means
    it blocks packets at system level which is extremely fast. Protowall uses
    less than 1% cpu usage, even under heavy upload/downloading and much more
    accurate in packet blocking.

    Does ProtoWall contain Spyware?

    Absolutely Not! There are no hidden programs in ProtoWall and the code has
    not been released to the general public, to avoid cloning. The Bluetack
    team is committed to provide a p2p Security system free of any devious

    How much does ProtoWall and the Blocklist Manager cost?

    ProtoWall and The Blocklist Manager and support are free of charge!

    Is ProtoWall a complete Firewall?

    No, it is not! ProtoWall only blocks Ip's (internet addresses) that are
    recieved from The Blocklist manager or manually installed by you. I run
    Protowall along side of my Norton Firewall with no problems.

    What Protocol's doe ProtoWall Block?


    The Blocklist Manager

    Description from the site:

    Link: The Blocklist Manager:

    Blocklist Manager is an application which downloads blacklists from various sources and will export to applications such as:
    Protowall, Kazaa Lite K++, PeerGuardian, eMule, Gnucleus
    Shareaza and Morpheus.

    It is quickly becomeing a Swiss army knife in network security with all the tools that have been added to it such as:
    Angry IP Scanner
    Smartwho Is
    AnalogX Simple Server
    Aldo's Hosts manager
    and more to come

    It also features its own app for looking up ip addressess with the whois project
    The whois project was made as a team up from The Faimous One and Seraphielx
    to stop the confusion of haveing to know what IP Addesss is listed on what whois server
    it will look up the IP for you.

    The current version is: 2.41g

    I know alot of ppl don't put alot of trust in blocklists but I noticed it wasn't in the program listings yet so I decided to let y'all know. :tilted

    edit: I have a problem with the blocklist manager wherein it won't load a second time after closing it off unless I restart my computer. From looking at the forums it looks like they are aware of the prob tho.
  2. Azathoth

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    Problem with The Blocklist Manager starting for a second time after install fixed.
    Link: Hotfix

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