Private BitTorrent tracker site rankings?

Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by Jared Moya, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. Jared Moya

    Jared Moya Chief News Editor Staff Member Moderator Contributor

    How are private bitTorrent sites currently ranked, (ie which are #1, 2 etc.) and how do you and others each determine their ranking?

    Is for a story Im doing here @ ZP. THX
  2. Jared Moya

    Jared Moya Chief News Editor Staff Member Moderator Contributor

    To get started, I believe is a #5 level site, not sure why that is though. Tough to get into I presume?
  3. optimus_prime

    optimus_prime Guardian

    well here's ranking maintained by buggyme and patriot foreve of fst, it is accepted widely as fairly accurate representation of supply/demand. some rankings are little off as they obvioulsy haven't included more recent wave of openings into calculation, but that's just couple of half-points around the middle. so...

    numbers in squares are tracker ratings, based on content, speed and pretimes. obviously content is somehow subjective, especially around the middle, but you can be sure those with ratings 4-5 are superior trackers.
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  4. its really a rarity scale...content wise some level 2 trackers are better than say level 4. but that is why the list has the content rating of each as well.
  5. Scoobi]l[Doo

    Scoobi]l[Doo Member

    I dont want the url of the rankings but can you write it in full words?Thanks, because i cant nothing begin with some short things like Scc, DH , HT, TD, SITR, TTi, FSC, RP, rSR, IT, TT , NB, FB, FTWR, KG and FTN... thanks :).Or is there any Legend of this :).Your answer will be appreciated.
  6. david2232313

    david2232313 Member

    thanks for new ratings
  7. #1 the almighty SCT
    SoulXTC you dont want to write about UK-T utter rubbish
    FTN #2 unless someone can invite there and I can make a fair comparison
  8. redMonster

    redMonster Flying Without Wings

    I think FTN should be number 1, because nowadays ScT hasn't got great pretimes. It only has good speed. Very less releases, and pretimes many times worse than TL, etc. So I think FTN deserves no. 1.

    The level of the tracker on FST is solely determined by its rarity mostly. Many poor trackers are above level 4 in that ranking system, like FTWR and Revolt.
  9. i know a better pretimes site than ftn. for example stalker ,cnc3 was upped before at ftn/sct/tl. but its a secret :)
  10. optimus_prime

    optimus_prime Guardian

    as argued before, pretime isn't everything. there's no advantage in offering scene release 10 minutes before competition if your seeders don't have pipes to deliver, it doesn't matter when do you start the download but when do you finish it, and by that parameter sct will get you new release on your hard disk while others are still downloading.

    and soul, you might want to move this thread to bt invite trading forum so it's not that much in the open :icon_thum
  11. testicles

    testicles Member

    If he's composing an article on this it will be quite open in the end anyway.
  12. fargif

    fargif Member

    I think Zeropaid members should come together and make our own top trakcer list.This list while is very good,doesn´t meet everyone´s vote here.This is from another forum and we should make 1 from us.
  13. I dont like the rarity ranking. I am all about content, speed and the people. I could find the elusive golden turd but its still a turd
  14. ultimatet

    ultimatet Member

    i being newbie here, cant get right with all these shortforms... could someone please enlighten me? which is ScN? which is E***? which is U***????
  15. Bucktoof

    Bucktoof Byaaah!

    Hahaha, Dr_Green_Thumb, the elusive golden turd is still a turd.. haha

    I like the idea of ZP creating it's own list like one of the above posters said.

    CABALBER Member

    We must make a ranking 1-10.
  17. DrReD

    DrReD Dr.

    number one ftn and sct
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  18. optimus_prime

    optimus_prime Guardian

    well it's not just a turd if you can trade it for golden goose is it? ;)
  19. cervecero

    cervecero Member

    i love FTN #1 always....
  20. what about for a golden egg?

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