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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Krell, Apr 3, 2005.

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  1. Krell

    Krell worthless dirtball Expert

    Is she a hottie?

    Is she a bit naughty?

    Post your pics, clips, and lusty opinions about the Dark Angel gone blonde.

    Jessica Marie Alba
    born: April 28, 1981
    place of birth: Pomona, CA
    height: 5'7"
    measures: 34B-25-34

    Of Mexican, Spanish, French, and Danish descent and raised in a nomadic military family, Jessica grew up a sports fanatic and terrorized her teachers and grandparents alike with her rebellious behavior.

    Jessica Alba debuted in "Camp Nowhere" (1993) and was originally hired for only two weeks. She ended up with a principal role when another actress suddenly dropped out. A few national commercials followed, which eventually led to her breakthrough role on the TV series "Flipper" (1995-97).

    Jessica has also appeared in "Never Been Kissed" (1999), "Idle Hands" (1999) and the popular TV series "Dark Angel" (2000).

    Actress - filmography
    (In Production) (2000s) (1990s)

    1. Sonic (2006) (announced)
    2. Fantastic Four (2005) (post-production) .... Susan Storm/The Invisible Woman
    3. Into the Blue (2005) (completed) .... Sam

    4. Sin City (2005) .... Nancy Callahan
    ... aka Frank Miller's Sin City (USA: complete title)
    5. Honey (2003) .... Honey Daniels
    6. The Sleeping Dictionary (2003) .... Selima
    7. Dark Angel (2002) (VG) (voice) .... Max Guevara
    8. "Dark Angel" (2000) TV Series .... Max Guevera/X5-452
    ... aka James Cameron's Dark Angel (USA)
    9. Dark Angel (2000) (TV) .... Max Guevara
    10. Paranoid (2000/I) .... Chloe

    11. Idle Hands (1999) .... Molly
    12. Never Been Kissed (1999) .... Kirsten Liosis
    13. P.U.N.K.S. (1999) .... Samantha Swoboda
    ... aka Rebels
    14. Too Soon for Jeff (1996) (TV)
    15. "Flipper" (1995) TV Series (as Jessica Marie Alba) .... Maya Graham (1995-1996)
    ... aka The New Adventures of Flipper (USA)
    16. Venus Rising (1995) .... Young Eve
    17. Camp Nowhere (1994) (as Jessica Marie Alba) .... Gail

    .Pages and pages and pages and pages of huge HQ pics

    Every OPEN DIR on the left has Jessica Alba pics!

    Interview clip about Sin City

    .Large wallpaper 1

    Large wallpaper 2

    Large wallpaper 3

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  2. Mels_Smileys45

    Mels_Smileys45 JabberZombie Established Member

    She's fine as hell but I liked her when she was darker. I saw her on TV the other day and didn't even know who it was at first.
  3. Krell

    Krell worthless dirtball Expert

    more Alba . . . . :heart

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  4. Krell

    Krell worthless dirtball Expert

    more Alba :heart

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  5. shawners

    shawners Hurt no more my son.

    Last picture on the right.. Aawww =)
    I cant wait for her cellphone to be hacked and so i can call her =)
  6. I was obsessed with Dark angel for a year or two... granted I was a Jr. High aged kid then. Even so, she was (and is) really beautiful(sp?).
  7. mountain_rage

    mountain_rage Zeropaids nipple Staff Member Moderator

    I remember her In flipper that was a great show.
  8. Excrement_Cranium

    Excrement_Cranium Just Sick Established Member

    Man.... Krell I take back anything bad I've ever said about you, thought of saying about you, or may possibly say about you. Impeccable taste in women. Jessica Alba is nuclear. Good collection of pics. :devil
  9. CRLocky

    CRLocky Because I want to

    Jessica Alba has a goddess bod.. but sometimes I don't like her attitude.
    I feel the same way about Mariah Carey.

    I saw Sin City last night... I guess I didn't know what to expect.

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  10. Crazy Horse

    Crazy Horse ZP Troll SWAT Team Established Member

    I see we have similar "tastes" in women ! :gj :playboy
  11. Ne007

    Ne007 I wish u were Beer Established Member

    Damn...the really good ones are too big to upload.

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  12. Psilaxs

    Psilaxs Harbinger of mass Exodus Established Member

    lets see, mega collagen injected lips? Check: Fake boobs? check: must mean she is a babe.

    I thought she was better looking when she was on the new flipper show, not that it was her age, she just looked less "processed"
  13. CompuGeek

    CompuGeek File Sharing Giant

  14. .:sp00ky:.

    .:sp00ky:. Poptart Tramp Established Member

    "1. Sonic (2006) (announced)"

    Their making a sonic the hedgehog film!!!?? about frigging time. she gonna be sonic?
  15. not quite...

    (from IMDb)

    Genre: Drama / Romance

    Plot Outline: A young waitress who unexpectedly dies is revived by her boyfriend.

  16. Krell

    Krell worthless dirtball Expert

  17. Mels_Smileys45

    Mels_Smileys45 JabberZombie Established Member

    I wish she would go back to dark hair and dark skin (sexy sexy). I don't like her as much as a blonde white girl. Still watching her dance was kick ass!
  18. Krell

    Krell worthless dirtball Expert

    They didnt include a decent ass shot of her in that thong, and she said she refused to do nudity as a stripper, her dad would kill her. I respect that.

    *bites lip*

  19. Mels_Smileys45

    Mels_Smileys45 JabberZombie Established Member

    Yeah I respect that. Its more sexy when you have to imagine or more frustrating anyways.

    Hey Krell, have you checked out Kung Fu Hustle yet? You'll like that picture. Some really great fight scenes, the whole production is top notch. Best action flick I've seen in a long while, the comedy is secondary to the action. I don't know why they play up the comedy aspect more than the fighting.
  20. Christoph

    Christoph 4 8 15 16 23 42

    Yes!yes!yes She Is Hot!but Dark Angel Was A Flop
    btw. isen't she together with this guy who act as logan in DA?

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