Popcorn: The Snack With Even Higher Antioxidants Levels Than Fruits and Vegetables(SD

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Drew Wilson, Mar 26, 2012.

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  1. Drew Wilson

    Drew Wilson AKA IceCube Staff Member Moderator Contributor

    ScienceDaily (Mar. 25, 2012) — Popcorn's reputation as a snack food that's actually good for health popped up a few notches as scientists recently reported that it contains more of the healthful antioxidant substances called "polyphenols" than fruits and vegetables.

    They spoke at the 243rd National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS), in San Diego on March 25.

    Joe Vinson, Ph.D., a pioneer in analyzing healthful components in chocolate, nuts and other common foods, explained that the polyphenols are more concentrated in popcorn, which averages only about 4 percent water, while polyphenols are diluted in the 90 percent water that makes up many fruits and vegetables.

    In another surprising finding, the researchers discovered that the hulls of the popcorn -- the part that everyone hates for its tendency to get caught in the teeth -- actually has the highest concentration of polyphenols and fiber.


  2. bcwar

    bcwar Member

    i never thought that popcorn was bad for you in the first place ... its all the crap people pour over it that kills you.
  3. Drew Wilson

    Drew Wilson AKA IceCube Staff Member Moderator Contributor




    What's so unhealthy about that? :wink:

    RACKnRAIL 今は知っているでしょ Staff Member Moderator

    I have an air popper that I've had for years. I usually sprinkle some nutritional brewers yeast over mine, which gives it a nice buttery flavor without the crap factor. The truth is butter ain't all that bad for you in moderation. The days of the low fat craze is gone. The fact is we need fat in our diets.
  5. Thanks for sharing this wonderful info. Well, honestly I'm not aware that popcorn has antioxidants and it's so surprising for me. Anyways, I don't like to put some added flavors on my fave popcorn. Each time a little salt is fine then I'm good to cook it or heat it up. :)
  6. evilmegaman

    evilmegaman ZP Superhero Established Member

    That sounds amazing.

    I want some artificial popcorn syrup, made out of only manmade ingredients

    RACKnRAIL 今は知っているでしょ Staff Member Moderator

    You are very a very funny man, EMM.

    Eat healthy, make some Kale chips or something.
  8. kushy28

    kushy28 Guest

    Nice and very happy to read this.I love popcorn.Like a kid I will be also waiting for interval in a cinema theater to have popcorn.In evening timings for snacks I use to prepare popcorn(Active) in home.
  9. Lord_of_the_Dense

    Lord_of_the_Dense Deicidic Chipmunk Revue Established Member

    You might be waiting a while for "intermissions" in the theater. They are not as common as they used to be and might only be reserved for 3+ hour movies. Then again, I haven't been to a theatre in a while so they may even have one for recent movies like the Oogieloves. Nowadays, they offer endless refills for Large-sized popcorns so it's a mad-dash during a potential dull moment in the movie to get more fresh popped corn. This is how it is in the U.S. anyways.

    Not sure if the first Lord of the Rings trilogy had them, but I know there was one for Gone with the Wind when it played some 15 or so years ago. The intermission was not long enough to phase the boredom of the length of the movie.

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