Police Budget Cuts So Deep, Chief Forced to Personally Arrest People Himself(NYTimes)

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by mfgbypooter, Mar 7, 2011.

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    Maybe they should arm the populace, and let them defend themselves from crime.

    (and I have no idea why this posted as first post in the thread)

  2. mfgbypooter

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  3. Drew Wilson

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    CAMDEN, N.J. — Since the city laid off nearly half its police force in January, the mayor and police chief have tried to stay positive, with the police chief even suggesting that his leaner force will be a model for others facing similar circumstances.

    But after the layoffs of 163 police officers, Camden is feeling the impact. Callers to 911 who report things like home burglaries or car break-ins are asked to file a report over the phone or at police headquarters; officers rarely respond in person. “If it doesn’t need a gun and a badge at that location,” officers are not sent, the city’s police chief, J. Scott Thomson, said last week.


    Police headquarters now sits nearly empty, its front reception window sometimes closed, as most of the department’s staff has been pushed onto the street for patrol duty. Detectives cannot devote as much time to investigations; a widely praised bicycle unit was disbanded. Even the canine unit lost two of its three dogs.


    Forced to restructure the department after the layoffs, Chief Thomson demoted many of his senior officers to patrol duty. As other cities reckon with budget deficits and mounting pension costs, he says he believes his counterparts in other cities will find themselves working under the same constraints as he now does.

    “I believe that as we move forward, the Camden Police Department will provide a blueprint for the rest of the nation for how to best handle these situations,” he said last week.

    Chief Thomson, 39, has cut his salary by $15,000 and hits the street himself — he personally has made about five arrests since the layoffs.


    I'm sure small-time criminals are happy about this in New Jersey. They know which city to go to for general robberies.
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    Maybe they should lobby for a relaxation on drug laws, and in effect lower the work load for the department.

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