Phoenixtorrent bites the dust

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by nukehella, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. nukehella

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  2. infringer

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    Sure dose but I suppose they have some pending legal alligations against them. Sometimes one must do what they have to do. It is only through secure and encrypted file transfer we should look to thwart the efforts of the ever growing nation of sue happy citizens. Without a trace would be the ultimate way to share. Even the program developed should be not labled by anyone but instead posted on somewhere safely or shared amongst the public. In this way there will be a complete and total code of silence which would provide p2p with the upperhand once again.
  3. charlesmelissa

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    I will miss Phoenix-Torrents

    My favorite site, Phoenix-Torrents has shut the door. I will severly miss them.
  4. hawkburn

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    Merged threads.
  5. Siskabush

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    That sucks. Most of the sites based in the US will fall for sure, and any others where the **AAs have lots of influence.
  6. nukehella

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    Phoenixtorrents was based in the UK I believe.I'm not sure why they gave up so easy.They did have a lot of members who donated.That might have something to do with it but I dunno.I was not offered my money back,but that's OK.It was a good site and I got my moneys worth.Now if only the **AAs would realize there is money to be made.They just seem to want it all though.

    Edit-Looks like Europe is going for jail time,while the US is civil lawsuits only at this point.I don't know how these pricks are controlling European goverments like this.It is kind of scary if you think about it.How can Hollywood be in charge of European governments?
  7. paniq

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    Tis a pity. Would have been better at least to purge offending torrents. P-T had a lot of non MPAA/RIAA stuff that isn't in many other places
  8. MushroomheadXIII

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    Ever since suprnova went down, i've been sort of wandering around thinking what to's sad, but soon there will be new giants sprouting from the underground.

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