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Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by rockr2003, Mar 5, 2003.

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  1. rockr2003

    rockr2003 Guest

    o.k. since this forum is for general discussion, who is more worried about north korea than iraq or bin laden. i think their leader is a real unstable motherfucker, to put it bluntly, ..........but so is Bush. anyway, what's everyone think? Iraq won't even be a problem until hussein gets backed in a corner.
  2. chipperrox

    chipperrox What the Hell is a Rant?

    I think for the US, its simply a matter of whose ass are we gonna kick first?
  3. rockr2003

    rockr2003 Guest

    yeah, i'd have to agree with that. they could never get a nuke over here anyway, and i'm sure an attempt would be the end of them. this sounds rotten, but i would level baghdad so we don't have to have much of a ground war, if any
  4. Are you eligible for the draft? :fire
  5. Wolfie

    Wolfie Aku Soku Zan

    I think US should be more concernd about the one which presently has the nuclear punch (given only one or two maybe) instead of the one who we think is possibly on the path building one in next ten years (but we still can't prove it).

    As for terrorists issue, North Korea is a major exporter in high tech weapons (it has no other exports) so where do you think bin ladin's cronies would shop for a dirty bomb ingredients? Since they both hate the US they might even get a good deal.

    That's just me me though and I'm no way in the the league of the current administration when it comes to brains!!!!!!
  6. Psilaxs

    Psilaxs Harbinger of mass Exodus Established Member

    I pretty much agree with you wolfie,N Korea has the nuclear threat.

    But it is a matter of who we will go after first, might as well save the more difficult one for last.
  7. rockr2003

    rockr2003 Guest


    i'm 42, so.. no!
  8. googlestein

    googlestein Member

    That's incorrect.
  9. Wolfie

    Wolfie Aku Soku Zan

    Other than high tech exports (which have wide miliatary appliactions in addition to civilian ones) what else?
  10. Scyth77521

    Scyth77521 Member

    According to the CIA World Factbook, North Korea's primary exports are "minerals, metallurgical products, manufactures (including armaments); agricultural and fishery products".
  11. collideous

    collideous account can be deleted

    The one I'm worried about is that lunatic in the White House. That's one scary dude who seems capable to blow up the whole freaking world.

    By the way, watch Despotism - see any parallels?
  12. MoonMan

    MoonMan Member Established Member

    I'd have to agree with collideous. North Korea is certainly a threat to the world with its nucleur power.. but George Bush seems like he wants a war more than anyone.

    It is my hope and prayer that he does not start World War 3. With the current direction his foreign policy is going, it may be only a matter of time.
  13. TrainWreck

    TrainWreck Member

    What scares me is the Kinda HATFIELD VS. MCOY thing going on here. Does anyone else see this? I mean it's like a three way pissing contest and family fued all in one.
  14. endersgame21

    endersgame21 Suppish

    Since I am from the US I would be more afraid of N Korea. They couldn't attack us but with there missile program they could bomb Japan. And Japan is already getting worried and threatening N. Korea. Japan could probably crush N. Korea but Asia and N. Korea are allies and they both hate Japan so Japan wouldn't really have a chance. We would have to back up Japan and N. Korea and China aren't too fond of us either. I think N. Korea has more of a chance of starting a major world war than Iraq does.
  15. bobhss

    bobhss Cornerstone 2007

    Two poor countries with dictators as leaders that do very little except kill or starve their people to death. Iraq shouldn't be too hard of a military problem, but North Korea has such a huge army compared to South Korea that I'd fear North Korea more out of the two because the ground war in Korea would claim many more lives than the one in Iraq(on both sides of the conflict). Can you see the press as soon as American troops are killed in Korea. They'll call it Vietnam. You wait and see.
  16. cornholio_coa

    cornholio_coa Member

    N Korea is only interested in getting more U.S. money.... period.
    China (who also loves the buck) might be their ally, BUT, they are right next to them and China is not going to let N.Korea start fu*kin around with nukes. Like Bush or not, you must admit , he is not worrying about a popularity contest, (like our "fair weather friends" the French). He will do what he thinks is right.
    YES, war sux... no doubt....BUT... too many extremists are getiing their hands on powerfull weapons....and their numbers are growing.. they must be stopped NOW.....
    my 2 cents......
  17. maartendc

    maartendc Professional killer

    Ah yes, but N-Korea has no oil, and Iraq has...
    Thats why they are so 'evil'. Otherwise, Sadam would be a nice fellow, if they could gain no money from taking power away from him...
  18. Jackl

    Jackl Member

    You do know that North Korea is suspected of having missiles able to reach the west coast and is also suspected on developing missiles that reach farther? Also known as the 3 stage Taepo Dong 2.

    And Iraq itself would never send an attack of WMD against the US. What is causing everyone to sweat over is that Saddam wouldn't think twice giving some to terrorist organizations.

    EDIT: Oh yes and the reason we are not attacking/ do anything about NK right now is because having nukes gives political levrage. Why do you think we were having a Cold War with Russia for so long? Also another reason we are taking out Iraq now is because once you obtain said weapons you can pretty much tell the world to screw off as possible MAD of forces comes into effect.
  19. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Member

    North Korea doesnt have any support and they are really doing all this to try to get more money from the US and other countries like they did in the 90s with the agreement that they have recently broken which then the US and other countries stopped with aid and hence the agressiveness of them now.

    Really all north korea is looking for is a excuse to start attacking sp why people think its best to give them one is really beyond me.

    They really dont have much support and if they used a nuke then north korea would be turned into a smoking crater so its unlikely they will start attacking.
  20. Ken17625

    Ken17625 Your best nightmare.

    One thing must always be remembered, in nuclear war, there is no winner. A war with N. Korea would devistate earth's ecosystem.

    N. Korea is a problem. Iraq is not. Iraq can be kept under a microscope and would not be able to contribute in any way to world wide "terroism" and such.

    N. Korea is nuclear, and is willing to use those nukes.

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