Newbie here(yea, I know you guys hate this stuff)

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by flippinfricknfrack, Mar 20, 2004.

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  1. I was wanting to see an old forum or have someone give me the run down on how to search and download files.
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    Are you using windows? Here, pick one of these that you like the sound of
    and put key words in the search box like an artist's name or a song title, and hit enter. It will give you a list of stuff with that word in it. Pick one and double-click it.

    Once you are actually having the basic experience instead of just asking leading questions people may be more helpful.
  3. Thnx aglo. We all have to start somewhere , huh?
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    We all have to start in the same basic place, by downloading an attractive filesharing program. Once your questions sound more like "I'm using k-lite++ and when I download uhm a popular music file (no names please) instead I get this weird screechy noise" then people will be coming out of the woodwork to help you.

    Do you use Google or some search-engine? That's exactly how all the major peer-to-peers work, they are just search-engines for distributed files. Don't use regular Kazaa or about a dozen other things because they automatically share and you need to exercise control over which files you share or don't share. I like Shareaza myself it's the most configureable of the multi-network interfaces. On the other hand, it has some long slow spots in it, very educational.
  5. I downloaded shareaza and installed it. When trying to search, it just says "connecting", but never connects
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    Alot of people complain about that for over a year now and shareaza has YET to fix that.

    I guess your suppose to tell to connect to the host cache or something but you might want to try more than one program too.
  7. shawners

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    keep connecting on gnutella or edonkey.. it wont connect for me automatically =(
  8. For me, Shareaza usualy takes forever to connect to Gnutella 1 - I'm not really sure why it takes so long, when other apps like Limewire connect within a few seconds.

    Otherwise, try another app and see if you have the same problem. If you can't connect, it might be your firewall or something blocking it.
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    From the Shareaza forum:

    I don't think you should reinstall right now.

    First Open the Shareaza settings-->Networks-->Gnutella, go to the G1 settings and make sure that your leaf to hub setting is 2 to 7. If the setting was at zero, then Shareaza won't do a thing when you ask it to connect to G1.

    Open the system window [F11] in Shareaza and see what messages are going by while you try to connect to G1. If no text flashes by showing Shareaza trying to connect to various servers, its probable that you know no G1 servers.

    It may well be that any G1 discovery services you have are out of date.

    In Shareaza, open the discovery services window [f9] and host cache [F8]. In the host cache window, there will be a list of known servers for each of the networks Shareaza connects to. If you click the G2 icon you will some known G2 hubs, if you click the ed2k icon you will see a list of ed2k servers, and if you click the G1 icon you will see a list of G1 servers.

    Do you have any entries in the list of G1 servers? If no, then you will need to query some G1 host caches. Go to the discovery services window, G1 host caches are grey coloured icons (G2 host caches are coloured incons). If any G1 host caches are in your discovery services window, query them by right clicking on the service and choosing to query it.

    If after doing this for all the grey G1 host caches, and all the coloured G2 services that have not been queried yet, then you should look on the internet (google) for Gnutella web cache. For the ones you find, copy the url into the clipboard, then right-click in the discovery services window and choose to add a service. Paste the url to the GwebCache into the dialogue box. Query it when it appears in the list.

    Here (perhaps again) are the G1 web caches I know of.

    Or try this:

    Or do some searching here:
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    THanks for the help in d cache.
  11. holy **** que-em! you nailed it. much obliged man.
    connection is still dodgy, but working. thanx

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