New 'Batmobile'

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by joey tribiani, Apr 1, 2004.

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  1. joey tribiani

    joey tribiani Member

  2. ferrarimodena360

    ferrarimodena360 Yada Yada Yada

    its ugly :hi
  3. Ezza6745

    Ezza6745 Member

    the back looks ok the fronts shit, looks like a over sized formula 1 car
  4. cjules13

    cjules13 Member Established Member

    Maybe it's just another special "bat-vehicle..." Like the boat and the plane, now we have the off-roader, with e jet-pack on the back of course. Looks like the bat-hummer.
  5. muffenme

    muffenme Registered Moonatic


    Need more work.

  6. stewiegriffin

    stewiegriffin You! Ares! Now!

    Thats just... terrible.
  7. Star Guitar

    Star Guitar I hate Phil Collins

    Oh god... Batman's gone "Dirty South".
  8. fireforce555

    fireforce555 We Are Penn State!

    Shit its ugly as hell.
  9. Omyn

    Omyn Member

    That is just horrible.

    Wht were they thinking?
  10. Wolfie

    Wolfie Aku Soku Zan

    Unless Batman is moving to rural Gotham with no paved roads, its looks pretty crappy.
  11. notbob

    notbob I say what I want Established Member

    it looks like a dung beetle in a crap-eating action pose
  12. The Hunter

    The Hunter Janitor

    Seriously is it that good?
  13. TheScaryOne

    TheScaryOne Member

    All it needs is treads to be the "Bat-Tank".
  14. Psilaxs

    Psilaxs Harbinger of mass Exodus Established Member

    I like the industrial look of it. The front end needs work, and the rear wheels need resizing. But I like the angular stealth look on the body panelling.
  15. stealthspy

    stealthspy Zeropaid Elite

    It would be awesome to send that over a friggin cliff. Then take out my to kill list, one by one. Yeah...

  16. Siskabush

    Siskabush ZP Trancecore Cussin

    Give me the classic Adam West Bat-Mobile, now THAT was a bat mobile.

    This is just a modified army vehicle
    Its very ugly
  17. kiwibank

    kiwibank Member

    talk about "off road"


    on zeropaid, it pays to be "flame resistant". it`s a matter of survival.
  18. Brycen257

    Brycen257 Member

    The new batmobile design doesn't look that great but I will postpone judgement until I see it in action in the latest Batman movie. What I want to know is what kind of cool gadgets are they going to include with it ? How about some chainsaws like the ones they used in the new Dawn of the Dead movie ? Those could come in handy in tight situations . :bk

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