Napsters on the shelfs.

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by shawners, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. shawners

    shawners Hurt no more my son.

    I went to Target to get some CD-R's so i can burn music and to my suprise, napster is on the shelfs saleing Cd-R's with free two songs- or 4 for cd-rs like 50 spindle. They sale, cd holders, cards that you can purchase and use to download songs.. and alot of other things with Napster logo. I havent heard anything about it since i dont go to their website at all. But thought you may be intrested in bringing home that cat with the headphones on. =)
  2. Star Guitar

    Star Guitar I hate Phil Collins

    I've seen that crap for months now. They even have the Napster Cards at 7-11. Kinda sickens me.
  3. Siskabush

    Siskabush ZP Trancecore Cussin

    Here in canada, they are selling Puretracks cards as well.
    Makes me laugh everytime I see the cards, I can get better for free.
  4. The Man Who

    The Man Who Member

    What the hell is a puretrack card?
  5. g-smooth2k

    g-smooth2k PC P2P Tek-A-Zoid Established Member

    Yeah I see that at Best Buy and other retail outlets.
  6. serrebi101

    serrebi101 Member

    not to mention better music.
  7. Siskabush

    Siskabush ZP Trancecore Cussin

    Puretracks is the canadian version of Itunes/napster/etc..
    And i guess i should have said puretracks "gift" card (So you dont have to give your credit card info to the RIAA/CRIA)

    On a sidenote, there is a picture of a baby with the KISS' lead singers facepaint design, but i just checked the site, and they do not offer KISS music!!!

    Talk about printing bullshit on a piece of bullshit.
  8. Gregory_JJ

    Gregory_JJ Dance, Monkey, Dance

    Plus they have the worst selection of Trance music I have ever seen. they have partnered with my dsl provider and as a promo they offered $10.00 worth of free downloads, could not find anything worth grabbing expect DJ Tiesto, but that was all they had.

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