Music labels threaten video boycott on MTV Europe

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    LONDON, March 23 (Reuters) - Fans of The White Stripes and The Strokes will not be able to see their favourite rockers on video music channel MTV Europe come April 1 as talks between the two sides have broken down over a new licensing agreement.

    A contingent of Europe's independent music labels said they will hold a press conference on Wednesday announcing plans to boycott the network once the current four-year contract lapses at the end of March.

    Europe's independent labels, which account for 22 percent of Europe's music market, had been negotiating a contract extension with MTV via bargaining group Video Performance Limited (VPL). The VPL represented hundreds of artists that also include The Prodigy, Lemon Jelly and Feeder.

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    a clip from the article. ""Basically, they are asking for more and want to pay less," the source said."
    Sounds like what us file sharers been telling the music industry for along time, now they say it to MTV.

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