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Discussion in 'Browsers' started by IshareManyFilez, Apr 8, 2004.

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  1. Hello all. I have had a few system errors lately. The one of the most annoyance is my IE. Now first thing off the bat I have a dell xps windows xp with a cable connection of 600 down and 130 up about. I have updated my norton and adaware and my spybot search and destroy. Ok the problem is first of all the fonts are enlarged at least 2 times only in ie. The second problem is I can not have 2 different IE pages. For example if i am searching zeropaid and someone posts a link that will open in a new page if i click it a blank transparent ie page will pop up with no response. It will just sit there. I have tried to uninstall IE but same problem. It has been going on for a few weeks. Can anyone help?

    2nd Problem.
    I asked this before but got no reply. Everytime I load up my windows xp my system 32 folder loads immediately. Any help or suggestions?
  2. cpugeniusmv

    cpugeniusmv Computer Genius Established Member

    for the text size, View->Text Size

    the default is medium.

    is this the way you uninstalled/reinstalled IE?

    2nd problem...

    in folder options, check under the view tab to see if "Restore previous folder windows at logon" is checked.
  3. Stownplayer

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    Change browsers

    Get opera, it's the best
  4. Restore Previous folders is not checked.
  5. Mels_Smileys45

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    Un-installing IE causes more problems than it fixes. Im suprised if your not worse off now. sorry, im no help on xp
  6. Miniver

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    get mozilla firefox...never had a problem
  7. I didn't ask for a new client I asked how to fix it.
  8. hawkburn

    hawkburn Yup...

    Ahhh... that new windows problem... i used to have that with windows 98... forgot how to fix it since... let me ponder.
  9. shawners

    shawners Hurt no more my son.

    goto ask yourself.. "What would KRELL do?"
  10. kiwibank

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    i entirely agree...too many security holes in ie6...patch one and another one takes its place..


    on zeropaid, it pays to be "flame resistant". it`s a matter of survival.
  11. Spencer45317

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    I had this exact same problem for a couple years but recently solved it by following these steps. I use firefox, but Internet Explorer is needed for the Flashget plugin.

    To resolve this problem in Internet Explorer, follow these steps:
    Quit all programs that are running.
    Click Start, and then click Run.
    Type regsvr32 urlmon.dll, and then click OK.
    When you receive the "DllRegisterServer in urlmon.dll succeeded" message, click OK.

    If this does not resolve the problem, repeat steps 2 through 4 for each of the following files (in step 3, replace Urlmon.dll with each of the file names below):
    Shell32.dll (Windows XP and Windows 2000 only)

    If the problem is still not resolved, verify that the following registry values are present and correct:
    Name: (Default)
    Value: IDispatch
    Name: (Default)
    Value: {00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}
    Name: (Default)
    Value: {00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}

    If the problem is still not resolved, reinstall Internet Explorer. If you are using the version of Internet Explorer that is included with your operating system, reinstall or repair your operating system
  12. Mels_Smileys45

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  13. Miniver

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    not talking about holes, not talking about safety, for reliability firefox is king. IE sucks.
  14. Well unfortunately IE is riddled with problems that often have no easy solution because there's no documentation or it's simply a bug they refuse to patch. Mozilla Firefox doesn't have these problems and has many more features.
    So the solution to IE problems is to stop using IE. Everything else is a bandaid. This isn't fanboying or condescension but simply the truth.
  15. Mels_Smileys45

    Mels_Smileys45 JabberZombie Established Member

    Oh i like Mozilla! dont get me wrong. Just pointing out the facts is all. If you dont patch things up, someone will ALWAYS find a new hole. And its always gonna be that way as long as people keep hammering those programs till they find a flaw. thank the hackers for pointing out the holes!
  16. nasrules

    nasrules PeerWebmaster

    I've been a victim of the IE-uninstall myself. It deleted a ton of system files used to display the Explorer shell...argh!!!

    Yep, as you say, everything has security holes (but some more than others). However, with more people concentrating on exploiting them in IE than anything else, more are bound to turn up.

    ISMF: You should think about changing browsers anyway, if you haven't already. I'm not saying necessarily to Firefox (although that's what I recommend), but IE has so many problems...
  17. Mels_Smileys45

    Mels_Smileys45 JabberZombie Established Member

    yes ive seen a person un install IE and it wasnt pretty and i kinda made a note not to do that! Firefox is great. It offers so much more than EI. I dont think MS knows how many poeple hate EI or you would think they would change a few things. second thought, I dont thik they care what people think
  18. muffenme

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    If you run into a problem with IE on XP just format your harddrive and start from scratch.

  19. nasrules

    nasrules PeerWebmaster

    It obviously hasn't occured to you that that isn't always an option.
  20. Thanks everyone for your replies especially spencer. My IE is currently up and running.

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