Methods of being notified of newly added 'hot' torrents added?

Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by m021478, Jan 11, 2009.

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  1. m021478

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    Was hoping that some of you might have some ingenious techniques and strategies for being notified of 'Hot' torrents that have recently been added to the queue for a particularly active private tracker (such as TL or HDBits)?

    Other than sitting there and continuously refreshing your browser window watching for the latest file to appear at the top of the list, are there any techniques you'd be willing to share as far as being notified about such newly added files before the whole world has already downloaded it (so that I don't wind up being the 50th seeder of a file, thereby guaranteeing a difficult time seeding that file to new leechers)...

    I know about using RSS, isn't that primarily geared for people who want to download TV shows (or things that can easily be setup as subscriptions)? Please correct me if I am wrong, but downloading torrents via RSS isn't really meant for people interested in downloading things like movies or applications, correct?

    Any suggestions?
  2. Tachyonn

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    some sites have an e-mail notification feature for newly uploaded torrents in your preferred category
    you have to set this in your profile if it is available
    or the site sends you a pm which in turn can be set to e-mail notification
    rss feeds are widely in use by most torrent sites and are not limited to any category
    all you have to do is to load the feed in your favorite news reader and click the torrent of your choice
    which will connect you to the torrent site in question (usually the browse page) and from there you download the torrent
    I have no idea why you would think that rss is limited to certain categories

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