mayor says contaminated water is making his town gay (Wisconsin Gazette)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Drew Wilson, Nov 23, 2011.

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    The mayor of a coastal Peruvian town says he’s discovered the reason there are a growing number of gays in his area: the presence of the metal strontium in the local water supply.

    “Unfortunately Strontium reduces male hormones and suddenly we’ll be as Tabalosos, as other towns, where the percentages are increasing of homosexuality,” Mayor José Benítez warned the citizens of Huarmey during an opening ceremony for a local water project.

    Scientists warn that strontium, which is naturally occurring, can cause bone cancer, anemia and cardiovascular complications in very high doses. No study has ever suggested that it’s tied to sexual behavior.

    Benítez’s accusation probably derives from a Peruvian television program several years ago that claimed the population of Tabalosos was predominantly gay. Tabalosos, which is located in Peru’s interior, is the source of water for Huarmey.


    That's ridiculous. Everyone knows that it's Apple computers that make people gay.

    [guess the joke reference]

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