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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Jorge, Mar 27, 2004.


What i dislike most about Zp

  1. zp is just fine, i love it here

  2. old news on the homepage

  3. too many noobs

  4. to many flamers

  5. the way the forum is run by the admins

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  1. Jorge

    Jorge Forum Admin Staff Member Administrator

    Ok, here is your chance to post your thoughts on how I & and the mods can make this place a little bit better for all of us. From what I have been reading, some of you are a little upset at the recent thread closings and post removing and i wanted to give some of you the chance to speak up and let us know what we can do.

    As some of you know, Zp is a large community site with almost 200,000 members and at times it can be a challenge to please all of you. Whether you believe it or not, I/we do care what you think of the site and to just complain about what you dislike doesn't get us anywhere. I need real feedback and ways I can improve the site.

    Better yet, we have plenty to do around here, so if you can lend a hand please speak up. I am in desperate need of some good news moderators and members to help write program reviews. We are a community, and we need strong leaders to guide us as we go along, complaining without ways to fix the problems doesn't get us anywhere... So please be to the point...

    I have been speaking to seph on how we can limit the number of rants that go off forum topics and we have some ideas, but i need you all to let us know what you want? Do you want a forum filled with empty replies and noob flames? Help us help you, you will be amazed at what intelligent conversation can accomplish.

    Thanks for all your feedback and i hope to see some good ideas.

  2. endersgame21

    endersgame21 Suppish

    Probably the number one reason why I kind of stopped posting was because there are too many noobs...I like the 'more mature' atmosphere of neowin and slashdot. Its actually not all noobs I have problems with...some noobs I welcome and I would love to give them advice about p2p and help them to desist their noobish ways. Its the noobs that pretend to know what they are talking about and continually flame and/or make pointless posts that I disfavor. I think some kind of rating system might help curb this problem.

    I also think getting rid of post counts under the avatar might help too in fact if I were to ask for one change at zeropaid it would be getting rid of the post counts altogether. I think they only provoke lame and worthless posts just to inflate one's post count and don't really serve a purpose. However I know that eliminating post counts altogether is probably too much to ask but I think they should only be displayed in a member's profile and not visible in threads.

    I personally think all of the admins do a fine job and I wouldn't really like to see any changes in that area except for maybe banning some of the flaming noobs. I have heard some people accuse admins of being to harsh but in my honest opinion its quite the contrary. But again I think it would be asking to much to have the mods just ban the people that don't actually contribute to this site and I think the rating system would be a better solution to this problem.

    As for the news...I think that is one of the weak areas of this portal...I think zeropaid doesn't really cover all of the filesharing news out there and when zeropaid does display news articles they are usually a little late. Maybe some more news mods would help.

    I already mentioned that slowed down my posting but Zeropaid is still my homepage and whenever my computer is up...Zeropaid is up and usually recently refreshed and I would be glad to help out in any way that I can. Thats all I have to add for now and with that I wish you good luck.
  3. Undying Wizard NHD

    Undying Wizard NHD Back for a few days

    actully Jorge, this site is becoming a load of crap in certain ways ( Id say 45% of this site is plan ol bull )

    I stoped talking here because of certain things( mostly bein treated poorly by a mod who called me a spammer for starting 2 fun threads in 1 day.) but I hardly ever started threads and I was called a spammer ( and was attacked by PM by this mod with insults up the .....)

    I did not deserve to be treated the way I was, I dont talk about religion,or race or politics. I talk about P2P,music and just stupid stuff-- but because I started a thread tht included I was called a spammer and my thread was closed and I was attacked by PM by a mod .

    this guy acted like I do things like that all the time, that was not spam

    before I turn this into another closed thread like all the other threads I talk on latly I will stop..

    Jorge I lost your email that I once had--- PM me and I tell you more about all this
  4. Ezza6745

    Ezza6745 Member

    Nice one jorge nice to know people listen to what people want.
  5. First and foremost, the forum discussions would be alot smoother if 1) Private Messages were sent to the offensive posters, and inappropriate comments were asked to be modified. 2) If they cant be remedied, delete them so that the discussions can continue. Sometimes comments, or topic headings, are misinterpreted a little hastily around here... count to 60 instead of 10. 3) If discussions are going off point, a mod could interject, and bring the topic back on discussion.
    4) If things get heated amongst a few members or mods, interject and ask that the problem be discussed priivately 5) Unless its blatantly gotten out of hand, before you close a thread, PM another mod for a second opinion.. Gentle nudges, rather than provocations, will go along way. Also, humor can add some levity... 6) Have you considered having mods tag team on the bigger discussions? I noticed that CP and Hunter worked well together the other night on one of the religious threads. 7) Provide parity amongst the mods--its confusing for the members to see one mod overrule the other publicly in the forums and bad politics--this stuff should be done behind the scenes (e.g. the closing of the 'What's Playing" thread" ). Sometimes I get the sense some of the mods are overworked, or covering too many forums--divide and conquer...

    In terms of balance, ask some of the conservative members to post their topics...The liberals may be more outspoken here, but that's not a reason to close our threads.

    In terms of the news, I would suggest having the news mods be responsible for covering
    1, maybe 2 sites a day-- to insure things are up to date. If each of the news mods did this, there would alway be topical news...

    Lastly, if you feel one of the technical forums is running a little low on gas, ask one of the expert members to help out...they will probably be flattered and help chip in. Also, some people below suggested having a Forum for Newbies--I think that is a terrific idea, and hats off to them for thinking of it.

    Hope this helps..
  6. nasrules

    nasrules PeerWebmaster

    I'm reluctant to vote - I think (along with many other people) that a major part of the problem lies with one moderator - we all know who. This isn't intentionally a flame - Jorge asked what was wrong with the site. I don't personally have much of a problem with the aforementioned moderator, but a lot of people seem to, and you have to bow to the wishes of the majority. I know it's a harsh way to behave, but it's screaming you in the face.

    I also think there are too many 'n00b' threads around. Half of the threads I read consist of 'What's better than Kazaa' or 'Kazaa vs. The Rest' etc. It does get tiresome.

    The problem of flamers seems to have been controlled and dealt with, good work on that one. However, remember that all this is coming from my limited view of the site.
  7. Undying Wizard NHD

    Undying Wizard NHD Back for a few days

    Glad to see Jorge is finally getin involved ( we need you buddy )

    Jorge its about time where in the heck have you been ? under a rock ?
  8. mr.jip

    mr.jip correct boywonder!

    word on the n00b threads, a phase of "kazaa Vs" and "whats the best p2p client" happened on for a while..personally, i think the n00b posts have to be either thrown in a different section or just deleted
  9. Ezza6745

    Ezza6745 Member

    dont forgt the "where can i get Kazaa Lite" threads they get annoying
  10. lil_amb

    lil_amb Member

    I am very new here but I have noticed one thing since I walked in here.......the flaming. And flaming done by the regular members to other regular meambers and so on. It seems as if noone can voice an opinion anywhere here without someone saying "shut the F#@% up"

    and why is it that you all are so mad when a nOOb comes in asking for any kind of P2P help whether it be Kazaa questions or what not? The more people "we all" have then the better the fight will be........isn't that the point right now? I mean come on....look at your banner on the top page , 'make a difference'
    I'm pretty sure the more the better.
  11. The Hunter

    The Hunter Janitor

    Sure the same noob questions can be tiresome, but that is how we get new members, and rather than give a flaming reply, just let someone else handle it.
  12. mr.jip

    mr.jip correct boywonder!

    wouldnt that mean that peeps will end just up arguing in these posts about n00bism and shit?
  13. The Hunter

    The Hunter Janitor

    It shouldnt, as there have been too many cases in the past of noobs being flamed for asking a question that had been asked before. My opinion is if someone is not willing to help a new member, than then let somebody else help them rather than reply to the question with a flame.
  14. begoodbebad

    begoodbebad sleeping pygmy

    Noobs need their own forum. We have an Advanced forum, a Developers forum and the General Filesharing one. This is where all the noob stuff is seen and it is the wrong place. General shouldn't mean Noob. So why not make a Noob's Corner, stick it at the top of the Forums list and make it easy and unmissable to find. Give it a nice title like Common Problems Solved or Filesharer's FAQ...just don't call it "Noob something or other"...flatter them a little, be nice to them.
    People who have a problem with Noobs can just not go there. There are plenty of people around who don't have a problem helping out. Almost everyone needs help to start with and you can't expect people to lurk for 3 months when there is something they have to know right away.

    Alternative and killing 2 birds with 1 stone solution: Make a search function that works! Zeropaid's search facility is without doubt the worst and most useless and counter productive one on the entire WWW. How anyone is expected to find the answer to their question using this I don't know. On the other hand google does a great job of directing people here who are looking for information/help so ZP has created its own bottleneck and is itself responsible for the resulting social mayhem in the forums :tol . Fix it!

    I didn't vote yet, still finkin bout stuff.
  15. g-smooth2k

    g-smooth2k PC P2P Tek-A-Zoid Established Member

    Some members do not actually mind helping the noobs with new threads that was like similar threads that started before. For one thing it helps ZP members interact with others and it helps to bring more noobs to ZP. And I guess that is a good thing isn't it.
  16. shawners

    shawners Hurt no more my son.

    Certain topics should be posted on the front page on or recent post section.. Like all the Kazaa post shouldnt even go up there.. Or put on some of the programs. A note to say.. READ here first, before submitting a question. It may help you get your answers in a fast, timely manner without waiting for someone to reply that may even give you wrong advice..

    Dont take away post count, cause i like to see who contributes, and whois the noobs. Its like you can see how long people been in here, you have no idea of how much they talk on the forums or give advice.

    Also, maybe their isnt enough mods at time. ANd i thiink alot of the post that get closed, they should disappear without anyone else seeing them. Coming here, clicking on a thread to read what others say, and seeing it closed.. Its dissappointing cause you cant reply, so why do we need to see it??

    Also make it known that no religion or political threads should be placed here at any given time. To me, it just brings everyone out of the woodwork. Freedom of speech rubish needs to go.. Your freedom ends when you hurt others. You dont talk like that to your mama or pop.. or to people off the street. When people do talk about it, they talk to people that would agree with their type of discussion... So why would you talk to people that would just sling mud and get everyone wild up..

    I like it if we can provide a link to upcoming new releases of cd's... When we put more music on a place, we build another area to talk about, and to listen to new things.

    The filename thing needs to go for music. I can say an album i obtained off the internet, and nobody can say you must got that off p2p when their are paid services out their i use, or someone uses.. IF it has no FILE EXTENSION, its not a FILE NAMe..

    I got the host file added with banning those ADS by google. Obviously this can be misleading to the new people who join.. Ads by google shouldnt have ads that scam. It should have ads about p2p services that are free, new mp3 players, rippers, tools, virus checkers. and etc..

    Sincerely Shawn
  17. muffenme

    muffenme Registered Moonatic


    I think the mood hates when someone open two or more topics of the same infomation or someone forgetting to look up the information before creating a new thread. I usely don't like to create a new topic because I just don't know if it would be in the ball park of the whole concept of ZP. I like to help to the best of my knowledge anyone even though some my ideal my sound off topic.
    I do think the mood are doing a good job because no mather what you do someone will always think that it not design right. All you can do is make changes to make the most but not all the people happy. I happy either way because I am happy most of the time.

  18. begoodbebad

    begoodbebad sleeping pygmy

    And another thing...hic...

    News. It's a mess as you know and acknowledge. It is the frontpiece of ZP and it has to look good. I don't think it matters too much if a story appears here a day or two late because often it's specialised stuff and it may be the only place some people see it and with it being a very international site it's interesting to see news stories from different angles, i.e. from sources you wouldn't have seen/known about by yourself.

    Why people don't submit news: It is a crappy system which doesn't work well. I tried to submit a story the other day and whatever I did I couldn't get the hyperlinks to work. I can make them work on every other place I go including other places on this board. Or maybe the preview function just sucks. Whichever, it just makes hard and frustrating, or possibly totally pointless, work of a simple task. I know this subject has been aired before maybe 6 or 9 months ago but anyway. Also I have had the experience more than once of submitting a good story and it being ignored, only for it to appear days later submitted by someone else. I guess it's the shortage of news mods. I would be very happy to help out with the news modding if I had the first idea how to make the system work in the simplest terms. If submitting news was easy I bet you'd get lots of good stuff.

    still finkin. might rant some more then vote.
  19. Skeptikal

    Skeptikal .:Protecting the Masses:.

    My personal point of view... too many noobs (ZP should have a big yellow button on the main page with "KaZaA and related. Read before asking") and such a bad 'modding' by -ONE- mod.
  20. shawners

    shawners Hurt no more my son.

    IN my demented world.. I would make a noobcorner, and make Krell mod of that area. .. =)

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