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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by MoonMan, Apr 1, 2004.

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  1. MoonMan

    MoonMan Member Established Member


    If you haven't been to this page before, you probably won't find it funny immediately. I think it is the best April Fool's joke yet.
  2. stewiegriffin

    stewiegriffin You! Ares! Now!

    haha..thats easlily the best things I've seen all day.
  3. mcovey

    mcovey Member

    Wow, that was pretty good. That pic of donald rumsfeld is awesome.
  4. That used to be one of my favorite sites filled with funny humor but now he types like a 10 year old. His jokes have gotten bland and mild and I for one don't enjoy his newer threads.
  5. very funny. This is the best thing hes done in years. I will have to cache it in case he removes it.
  6. isus

    isus Member is pretty good too... there are several variations, so once you get one, clear out your cache, and try again
  7. chipperrox

    chipperrox What the Hell is a Rant?

    hahaha yes check out the mr clean!
    check out the parachute quote, and the unusual "opinion" quote he has below the title

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