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Discussion in 'Desktop' started by =-Yoda^_^Cat-=, Jan 1, 2003.

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  1. hello folks...
    just to report...sometime ago I got pissed off with winamp and started looking 4 a new player...
    I found coolplayer, wich is a very simple and basic one, but it really does its job and is way "liter" than winamp!
    you can reach coolplayer at
    if you try it and like it...well, spread it! :)
    if anyone uses a player wich is lite and good, instead of coolplayer, please let me know...
    God bless all of u!
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    I never really liked CoolPlayer, good quality open source player, but WAY too basic. However, there is a new player out that is made by audiophiles for audiophiles. Its called Foobar2000. The developer of this new player is Peter Pavlowski, originally the guy who wrote the output and input plugins for Winamp 2 and 3, but recently had a scuffle with Nullsoft. This guy basically did the official OGG support for Winamp, and was responsible for the quality of what you're hearing out of your Winamp. Now, he's combining the open source effort into a player people are saying may in fact be Winamps biggest competitor soon enough, with quality that already EXCEEDS THAT OF WINAMP AND COOLPLAYER. Its still in its rough preliminary form, but its already become my Winamp replacement dispite its lack of a Winamp-style interface. However, that will soon change, and you'll see that this player will in fact be quite similar to Winamp when the interface is completed. Right now, all the player is is a playlist and buttons with no slider (yet) But you'll see that in a few months, this baby will replace Winamp on a lot of computers.

    foobar2000 feature list: (NOTICE: player features constantly updating)

    supported formats: MP3, Ogg Vorbis, APE, MPC, FLAC, Ogg FLAC, WAV, MP4/AAC ( needs foo_mp4.dll) MOD (needs foo_mod.dll), SPC (needs foo_spc.dll) SPEEX ( vorbis speech codec)

    32bit floatingpoint audio processing pipeline, with 6dB hard limiter and conversion to 16/24bit (dithered) at the end.

    lossy formats (MP3, Vorbis, MPC) are decoded directly to 32bit FP so there's no clipping

    transparent rar/zip reading (slow)

    full unicode support, new playlist format (m3u8) storing international filenames properly (using UTF-8)

    runs *only* on win2k/winxp or newer

    builtin SSRC resampler, crossfeed, equalizer, and surround components (DSP)

    reads APEv2 tags from MP3 files (id3v2 is not supported and will never be)

    fully customizable keyboard shortcuts, including global hotkeys

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    winamp still is my favorite mp3 player as of now, i like winamp because it is skinnable, and has some cool plugins. i still use the winamp 2.80 platform 3.0 just doesn't suit me enough yet. if you think an mp3 player is just an mp3 player your wrong, you should look into its features and if you like it you should use it, sort of like buying something a friend of yours says is good, you got to find something that fits your needs.
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    yeah yeah yeah

    well I got foobar and was using it a few days ago, but it's buggy. I think it will be better in future incarnations though.

    but talk about basic, it is also way basic.

    xmplay is better I'd say.
  6. Winamp...

    Winamp Is My Favorite I Wouldnt Change It For Anythin' Im Runnin 2.81 I Dont Like 3.0 Dont Ask I Just Dont... :fire
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    Re: Winamp...

    yeah same here, but i like it but it runs like shit on my computer.....
  8. I hate Winamp 3's so heavy!!!
    Winamp seems to have lost its focus, wich was MP3...the new version features embedded video support (no need to use plugin) and that really makes it as heavy as least here (I use a Celeron 433, 256 MB RAM)...'s a good player, no doubt about, specially in its earlier version like 2.80 and 2.81...

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