Linux Mint is AWESOME!!!

Discussion in 'Desktop' started by maynoth, Aug 11, 2011.

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  1. maynoth

    maynoth Member Established Member

    Ok guys so if you like ubuntu, you'll love linux mint. It's based on ubuntu, with a major graphical overhaul and lots of new tools and features and all codecs and needed software preinstalled.
  2. Boomer The Dog

    Boomer The Dog Anthropomorphic


    I think that I've downloaded this but I've never tried it. For Linux I
    use Ubuntu, and Puppy sometimes on and older laptop.

    I started with Windows, and I use it as well as Linux. One of the ideas
    of Linux Mint is to give a familiar interface to people, but beyond
    that, what does it offer of an improvement over Ubuntu?

    I mean I can move the toolbar to the bottom of the screen in Ubuntu and
    do other tweaks to make it more familiar. Of course I always have to
    move the minimize, maximize and exit windows buttons from left to right,
    but that's another story, and once it's done it's done.

    Funny how below this is a related thread that I was a part of.. :)

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  3. maynoth

    maynoth Member Established Member

    linux mint stuck with gnome, all the codecs and software you normally have to download are preinstalled on mint. Menus are configured more logically, and it looks better. It comes with quite a few unique tools that are only in mint. I like it because it's closer to perfect out of the box than stock ubuntu.

    Here is a good comparison:
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    RACKnRAIL 今は知っているでしょ Staff Member Moderator

    Looks good at a glance. I'm using both ubuntu 11.04 and simplymepis 11 at the moment. Maybe I'll give mint a try.
  5. evilmegaman

    evilmegaman ZP Superhero Established Member

    I built a computer for a friend and installed an OEM version of mint, and I made it so it had everything they needed and when they turned on the computer, it acts like it's never been used before (even though I did a little extra user friendly tinkering).

    But if you're comfortable with linux I'd definitely recommend using a distribution with more respect for what linux really stands for. (fedora, debian, arch, slackware)

    NDGAARONDI Newbies can change this!

    I use Mint on my netbook and Ubuntu on my mini-ITX thingy. I do have a Windows 7 desktop just for Windows-only applications. Will be looking into Fedora and Debian if I get another machine.

    RACKnRAIL 今は知っているでしょ Staff Member Moderator

    I got it installed. Looks good so far. My thumb drive doesn't seem to work tho.
  8. maynoth

    maynoth Member Established Member is a good place to get an installer to turn a linux iso file into a bootable flashdrive

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