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Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by switchgear, Nov 2, 2002.

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  1. switchgear

    switchgear Member

    How frustrateing is it to see a big program on KazaA and then to see the idiot shareing the file has his bandwidth set to 1 ! Cmon people I share a ton of files, big files, and while it does slow me down sometimes I put up with it because I know that if everyone sets their bandwidth low then you might as well go back to 56k. It sucks!
  2. and1_corey

    and1_corey Member

    yeah i share tons of files, and i have 10 upload slots on kazaa. it is frustrating when i get leechers, and low bandwith downloaders.. but p2p will only get better .
  3. DogBitesMan

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    I do agree it can be a hard........ if people have a low bandwith. Tho I aint against it. When a network becomes as big as kazaa you cant honestly think all people will share as much space as others. When kazaa was little there was a more social structur where low bandwith or non sharing ment no downloading. Now it is so big there is no social structur anymore and for every populair file there are like 100 other people havin the file so bloking those #$%*& makes no sence how recratab;le that is

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