Legislature passes bill to teach U.S. is Not a Democracy (Utah News)

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Drew Wilson, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. Drew Wilson

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    A bill that would ensure Utah students learn the U.S. is a compound constitutional republic — not a democracy — has passed both Houses of the Legislature and is now headed to the governor for his signature.

    HB220 would require schools to teach students that the U.S. is a compound constitutional republic and about other forms of government such as pure democracy, monarchy and oligarchy along with political philosophies and economic systems such as socialism, individualism and free-market capitalism. The Senate passed the bill with no dissenting votes Monday.

    And on Tuesday, the House agreed to wording changes made in the Senate.

    The bill passed after weeks of debate over the differences between democracies and republics and whether socialism is a form of government or a philosophy.

    Opponents of the bill argued that the concepts within it are already being taught and that the Legislature shouldn’t get involved in curriculum matters.

  2. Signa

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    Thanks guys. Thanks for wasting time on such a trivial issue. Can we get back to improving the country please?
  3. mountain_rage

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    Not that this is a bad idea, but I have a problem with law makers passing curriculum. Government should not have that kind of power, the institutions of learning should be removed from politics.
  4. mfgbypooter

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    Hell why stop with politics?

    I have a problem with the government having any kind of involvement with the institutions of learning.


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