ITIC Says ANonymous and encrypted P2P enrolling new users

Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by ezzye, Nov 30, 2004.

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  1. ezzye

    ezzye Guest

    I don't know if anyone else has posted this.

    According to IT Innovations and Concepts (ITIC) P2P music statistics for October:

  2. notbob

    notbob I say what I want Established Member

    the ignorant sheep from kazaa have to go somewhere, and if they believe the hype from bozos like you, they'll go to ants and other "anonymous" p2p

    but going and staying are two different things, and there's no way "anonymous" p2p can keep regular users in the state it is today (unless they are zealots with freakish devotion to a cause or overoptimistic idealogues like you)
  3. Watchmen

    Watchmen say what?

    damn...and I thought I was harsh.
  4. Wolfie

    Wolfie Aku Soku Zan

    You haven't seen even half of it, lol. ;)
  5. Stownplayer

    Stownplayer Stown 3.2 Established Member

    now that is funny. Gotta love zeropaid
  6. AussieMatt

    AussieMatt Expatriate Australian

    next year notbob will be saying annoymous p2p i was there when they started that, rember bob WASTE calls itself "annonymous" also
  7. notbob

    notbob I say what I want Established Member

    you need to drink less of your product

    it's a pretty good bet that anonymous p2p will still suck next year, and probably 10 more after, unless ISPs start giving out MB up and down connections to everyone worldwide
  8. AussieMatt

    AussieMatt Expatriate Australian

    yeah bob its called wireless broadband and Internet2
  9. notbob

    notbob I say what I want Established Member

    and if you think the common man is getting either one in the next 10 years, you are fucking nuts

    not in the USA anyway, because phone and cable companies are happy with what they have right now
  10. Lord_of_the_Dense

    Lord_of_the_Dense Deicidic Chipmunk Revue Established Member

    How long was a working Intenet(1) out before it was released to the public?
  11. notbob

    notbob I say what I want Established Member

    almost 30 years
  12. ezzye

    ezzye Guest

    notbob The zealots with freakish devotion to a cause or over-optomistic idealogues also include Downhill Battle ( I quote:
    For more goto

    ANts is still been developed. New updates are coming out nightly. It works. I share a very very large mp3 collection using it and also download more music that I can listen to using ANts.

    It is buggy. It is not as fast as bit torrent or newsgroups. But it is free, has chat and allows you to share all your files safely.

    It is not for everyone. If the recent law suits worry you AND you want to take part in the development of a new opensource p2p program then gives ANts a try. If it does not work for you wait a couple of months before trying it again as it is been constantly developed.
  13. AussieMatt

    AussieMatt Expatriate Australian

    The the telephone and cable comapanies are trying to stop the development of wireless commuity nets and are looking to stop the roll out of the Phillidelphia City Cloud wi-fi network a 10 Millon Dollar Project to make 135 sq. miles one giant hot spot Verizon and other broadband companies have intorduced a Bill to stop public funding of such projects

    Clearly looks like big bussiness trying to stifle innovation ,commuinty interest and sticking to outdated bussiness models .Will they will be sueing community's and anyone who use a community net next .They look like the music industry already.

    So this is why The US is about 10th on the list of broadband adaoption .
  14. aqlo

    aqlo Cartoon Superhero

    This is a perfect example of the sort of bullshit that is coming out of you every single day. The story is about Gaim!

    ANts gets mentioned one time, as an afterthought, and note that it isn't actually being recommended, only "something like" it. That is, if you don't use Gaim, which is their pet project and hardly "anonymous" just private, then it might be worthwhile in that extremity to try something slower than freenet and more mismarketed than es5.
  15. CactusChris

    CactusChris Member

    Well done flat worlders - carry on and eventually one day the world will be flat (NOT).
    Remember this later on - one day all p2p will be anonymous and you will be left on the sidelines, having missed the fun of development, wingeing and crying - or having to swallow your overlarge pride and slink into the anonymous community hoping no-one notices.
    If I remember correctly - you were the same people who tried to start a flame war saying that the forums were being spammed by pro MUTE/ANts advocates - well now they have moved to their own forum - out of your sight and hearing - and you STILL have to follow and spam this forum! If you do'nt like this discussion group you are free to leave...
  16. derden

    derden Member

    Well said, CactusChris.
    Notbob and aglo are absolutely free to leave this forum. Nobody will regret them. And if they want to stay and DISCUSS they are welcome too, if they can express themselves without being slanderous.
    For the moment I propose we just ignore any posts with harsh language and without any intelectual interest
  17. aqlo

    aqlo Cartoon Superhero

    Similar misrepresentation of every aspect of this discussion by the new one-post wonder above.

    a) No, I'm the second wave, I didn't say word 1 about this debate until it was already decided to give the program a forum of its own.

    b) No, ANts having its own forum doesn't mean people are prohibited from disagreeing with you, just that there is now an appropriate place to disagree with you without disturbing the people who prefer not to give a rat's ass. I e, it's not a castle, it's a cage.

    c) We have heard this all before, from people equally ill-mannered, and we aren't forgetting any time soon.

    d) I'm not spamming, I'm discussing Ants, specifically how it is being sold through terrorism rather than fair and open debate as a result of childish emotional outbursts on the part of the people fanboying it.

    e) It's a damn shame that you guys would rather pick fights with every single board and site that gives you a chance to talk instead of bothering to respond to the desperate questions from actual users who have the thing in front of them and don't understand why it isn't working worth a damn.

    f) based on your characteristic misspellings I already know who you are, and any mod can check your IP and verify this is the case. Bye !!! :tilted
  18. AussieMatt

    AussieMatt Expatriate Australian

    Downhill Battle have made a proposal to get this GAIM filesharing plugin off the ground and it just that a proposal, if you go look at the brief it doesnt metion any network or programing language for the plugin .They would prefer to use GAIM because of its ease of use but it has to be said thier trust model is flawed through social engenieering a RIAA agent or even worse a FBI agent could get into your trusted group then log all activity like they did with the Direct Connect UNDERGROUND Network .

    I do know they where considering Jeti-ants but they really want to use GAIM with some sort of secure protocol like Ants and contacted Grwen to overlook thier proposal and asked him if he would like to be part of the development team .WASTE could suit thier needs also .There is many options and ideas for this client so nothing is set in stone Im sure Downhill battle is still work thier way through submitions

    t has been found Jabber protocol is probably the only protocol that can be used for bootstraping onto the ANts network because of it is distributed and open source and it gives up a real IP for bootsraping purposes .
    Jabber also has a experimental filesharing extention that can be intergrated into this client if Downhill Battle wishes to use it
    So what ever way they go looks like everyone will have to set up a Jabber account (what a nightmare for newbs) so I hope they also create a Jabber accont wizard
    All the other proprietary chat protocols like ICQ ,AOL,MSN and yahoo connect to a central server and are closed source so its almost impossibel to intergrate them with out some sort of reverse enginneering .

    To be quite honest Ants and its JETI plugin already do most of the things this project proposes but it is a filesharing client with intergrated Instant messaging and the project proposes Instant Messaging with a filesharing Plugin .
    Ants in my opinion is better suited to this enviroment becuase the peers are geograpicaly closer to each other so less distance for proxing and the nodes will be on most of the time so the network will remain stable.In thoery it has been said that Ant Based routing has troubles with scaling so the IM enviroment may be where it should be. Ants offers mulitsource and resume unlike MUTE at this current time .A MUTE style plugin that offered multisource and resume would be preferable as it is programed in c++ and cross platform .

    The develpers of the GAIM project have resisted intergrating filesharing into the main client in the past ,this project may get them to rethink and intergrate filesharing into the main trunk in the future.
  19. aqlo

    aqlo Cartoon Superhero

    Thanks Matt, finally some more content!

    I think you are right about a trusted-messaging group like gaim (or waste) helping to speed up programs using the ants protocol. Right now DB's gaim proposal doesn't seem much safer than what Yahoo for example already has. Adding slicker encryption and some confusion about sources really could improve the user's safety, hopefully without slowing things down too much.

    Also, I still agree with fucktard back there (as much as i hate to say it) that filter lists will help the users peace-of-mind while testing this program, any chance of that happening soon?
  20. MushroomheadXIII

    MushroomheadXIII Yeah...I was bored.

    The reason why bt is growing super-fast is because it's not an ordinary click&search program based around some sort of RULES! And will never die.

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