Is LeechersLair down and out.

Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by legend56, Jan 14, 2008.

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  1. legend56

    legend56 Member

    Hi,I have not been able to logon to LeechersLair since well before Xmas.When I try to have my password reset ,I send my registered email address for the reset but nothing arrives even though I get a message from LeechersLair saying an email will arrive shortly.I have read threads about accounts beinghijacked etc.I have logged onto for months without any problem and now I cant even locate their web site to sign in.Anyone help?
  2. sumtingwong

    sumtingwong Member

  3. legend56

    legend56 Member

    Thanks,have tried this option many times,send the email,never receive a reply.
  4. baksteen

    baksteen Member

    try using another browser, it happened to my TTi and when i tried a different browser it worked, but also delete all cookies.
  5. wanchoo

    wanchoo Member

    LeechersLair is dead and gone,
    But its memory lingers on.
  6. w31n3r

    w31n3r Zeropaid Irregular Established Member

    it's still online, but has some major problems. i cn't login cause it says my IP has been banned. funny thing is, using a proxyserver, i log in just fine and can even seed!!

    i've been told they're working on it...lets hope they recover.

    maybe i'm jinxed or something, but everytime i really start to like a site some shite like this goes down. time for a visit to the friendly neighbor witch doctor.

    i wonder if pooters nice neighbor lady's varied skills extend to this?
  7. Merlin05

    Merlin05 LL Owner

    The site is fine, we had one particular member from India that keeps signing up multiple accounts (like 15 at a time) so I was left with no choice other than to ban the full range. Unfortunately this has also affected a few good members but theres not really much else I can do.

    The ban will stay in place for a couple of weeks till hopefully he loses interest and realizes he isn't going to get back in, so for the time being I recommend you don't use an Indian proxy to access the site.

    Ranges that are banned are: - - - -

    w31n3r the last IP that you used on site is not banned
  8. legend56

    legend56 Member

    I have finally been able to access my leecherslair account and resume downloading.I hads to change my internet browser to Firefox,after doing this,no problems.When using internet explorer,I cannot access their site or when trying to reset password I never receive a reply.It seems they have somehow blocked Internet Explorer from the site.I changed to Firefox and no problems since.
  9. Merlin05

    Merlin05 LL Owner

    Sounds like you have a problem with your explorer, as 46% of members use ie, however we do recommend using firefox.
  10. gurughantal

    gurughantal Member

    does anyone have problem login in to cuz i get a message saying that my "Username or password incorrect" and when i try to recover my pass and info it says
    "SQL Error
    Can't open file: 'users.MYI' (errno: 145)"
  11. kiks

    kiks Member

    leechers lair is out or what?

    i am trying to open leecherslair web site but its telling me that there is no such website and if u want to buy the domain name from parralel does anyone know what is going on
  12. Mels_Smileys45

    Mels_Smileys45 JabberZombie Established Member

    Government Shuts Down BitTorrent Tracker

    Today the Malaysian government ordered prominent webhosting provider Shinjiru to close down BitTorrent site The order came from the Content, Consumer and Network Security Division of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission.

    [​IMG]It hasn’t been a very good week for BitTorrent trackers, and all the signs are it’s going to get worse. We all know what happened last Friday and yesterday only brought more bad news, as many more trackers in Sweden decided to close. This morning TorrentFreak was informed of the closure of another long-standing BitTorrent tracker.

    Although it doesn’t have the profile of sites like The Pirate Bay, LeechersLair (LL) is a well-established tracker. Launched in 2006, LL has around 18,000 members who enjoy all the usual content. Until today the site was hosted in Malaysia - not any more.
    This morning the Content, Consumer and Network Security Division of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM) ordered Shinjiru, LeechersLair’s host, to close down the site, citing a breach of Section 41 of the Copyright Act 1987.

    SKMM is a government body which enforces the communications and multimedia laws in Malaysia. It informed Shinjiru by faxed letter that if it failed to close LeechersLair, it would be breaking the law. Shinjiru immediately complied and took the site offline.
    The government of Malaysia has moved against torrent sites hosted by Shinjiru before, as we reported back in June 2008, but most of them returned elsewhere.
    However, there was a worrying development when one of the sysops of another torrent site, - also hosted at Shinjiru, told TorrentFreak that a hard drive had been attached to their server and it was copying data for use in a copyright infringement case against them. Shinjiru confirmed the report.

    At this stage it is unclear if LeechersLair will return, but we will update this post when we have more information. In the meantime other trackers hosted by Shinjiru continue to operate but whether or not they are being monitored is anyone’s guess.
    Both Shinjiru and the Malaysian government were given the opportunity to comment, but as yet we’ve received no response.
  13. Merlin05

    Merlin05 LL Owner

    New server has been ordered and we should have it Monday evening or early Tuesday morning, site will be back up a few hours after that :)
  14. 1cooldude

    1cooldude gone into the sunset

    the original equipment was leased then? Could you elaborate on the info?
  15. Merlin05

    Merlin05 LL Owner

    no it was a dedicated server based in Hong Kong, we are now waiting for out new server to be setup, which is now somewhere else so I can upload the site to it.

    Not actually sure at what your getting at here but this is the reason we have moved!!
  16. tattoorhino

    tattoorhino Member

    accounts non existing

    Hi Guys

    I have tried to login and my account doesnt seem to exist any more. Have i been removed with the purge :(

    Please let me know


  17. terry9999

    terry9999 Member

    is the site running yet?

    Hi Merlin,

    Is Leecherslair back online yet?
    I tryed the normall web address and found actual leeches! Lol.

    BEst regards

  18. augbesian

    augbesian Member

    I got this email today, I will cut and paste it in its entirety. Reeks of sketchiness, no?
    from <blank>
    to <blank>
    date Thu, May 14, 2009 at 6:32 AM
    subject Fw: Important news about Leecherslair!!
    mailed-by <blank>

    hide details 6:32 AM (3 hours ago)


    Follow up message
    Message received from leecherslair on 2009-05-14 10:32:57 GMT.

    Leecherslair is now back to full strength and things are running normally again. 90% of our members have made the transition to the new server and new URL so this email is for the other 10% that still have not logged into the site on the new URL.

    In 7 days time any account that has not been logged into since we moved servers we will deem as lost members and they will be deleted from the database, this will then complete our member pruning.

    If you have still not logged into the site with the new URL you will need to do so in the next 7 days to prevent your account from being deleted, you can do this by following the link at the bottom of this email.

    If you are having problems logging into the site you can recover your password from the login page, if you are still having problems then you can contact us on our forums but you will need to register an account first.


    Please make sure that you register with the exact name that you use on the main site as all accounts are manually confirmed and any that do no match will no be validated.

    I hate using the mass email system as I don't like spamming peoples mail boxes, so this is the last email that will be sent out about this matter.


    PS.. Do not publish this email anywhere as has happened in the past, anyone doing so will instantly be banned!!!

    Follow the link below to the new site!!

  19. 1cooldude

    1cooldude gone into the sunset

    I always have a few reservations about anything that seems to quickly disappear and then magically re-appear with some lame excuse. You will have to decide if you are comfortable with this situation.I also hope your ID is different on Leecherslair than here. One note that I would like to add is that the servers are located in Malaysia and that's probably one of the safer places for bt trackers.
  20. augbesian

    augbesian Member

    I don't believe for a second that the above was a legit email. If it was, they can close my account anyway, as I wouldn't belong to any site that sends out emails like that one.

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