Iraqis Drag Bodies Through Streets After Attack

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Lord_of_the_Dense, Mar 31, 2004.

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  1. Lord_of_the_Dense

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    FALLUJA, Iraq (Reuters) - A vengeful crowd of cheering Iraqis dragged the burned and mutilated bodies of four contractors -- three of them American -- through the streets of Falluja Wednesday after killing them in a vehicle ambush.

    In a separate attack five American soldiers were killed when a roadside bomb was detonated beside their armored vehicle convoy west of Baghdad, the U.S. army said.

    The White House vowed that the United States would stay the course in Iraq (news - web sites) despite another bloody day.

    Read entire story here.

    This is just sooo messed up.
  2. stewiegriffin

    stewiegriffin You! Ares! Now!

    That's terrible and completely sick. I feel for the family of these men. They had nothing to do with the war and were only doing their jobs in respect of the reconstruction.

    I can't help but feel that if only the lies/mistakes about weapons of mass destruction weren't told/made, those men could still be alive today. People are constantly saying that despite the lack of WMDs, the coalition was right to free these people from an evil dictator. But the Iraqi's clearly dont believe they should be 'grateful' (as seems to be expected of them) and they don't want the forces to remain in their country any longer.

    Basically, it's become a loose-loose situation for the coalition. Stay and be attacked every day by terrorists, Saddam loyalists and disgruntled civilians or leave and violate international law, while allowing Iraq to plunge further into anarchy and become a hornets nest of Islamic extremism.

    I'm glad it's not me who has to make those decisions. And terrified that it's Bush who does.
  3. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Member

    The city where it happened is a known hotbed for the insurrent. It was a baathist stronghold before and greatly benefited from the dictatorships than the other areas of iraq. Its really a small group people who are doing this and isnt representative of the whole country at all.

    Only the violence gets reported too, which other things do go on and stability doesnt come for a long time. It took the US many years to not only form a stable federal government but to also stomp out the threat of it being overthrown. Its no simple or quick process at all but in the long term it will probably be a good thing.
  4. que-em

    que-em Better Than Work

    Let them people run their country. You can give them the greatest country in the world but if it is built by America they wont accept it -- and we wouldn't either if someone did the same over here.
  5. stewiegriffin

    stewiegriffin You! Ares! Now!

    While the violence isn't representative of Iraq as a whole, it is true that the majority of Iraqis want the coalition out and to begin self government. The danger with the continuing troop presence is that the longer they stay, the angrier the Iraqis get and the more sympathetic they become with the terrorists minority.

    This is true, but that democracy was self achieved by the Americans and not by an occupying force. Imagine how differently the American constitution would have been viewed if it had been created for, rather than by the Americans. People would resent it and the same thing is looking more and more likely to happen in Iraq.
  6. lil_amb

    lil_amb Member

    this seems to be happening a little more frequently here lately, I'm just curious to know when exactly does Bush=worthless bastard think that the "appropriate time to get out of there is? Does anyone know what our deathcount is as of today????
  7. stewiegriffin

    stewiegriffin You! Ares! Now!

    The original planned date was this July, but that was never realistic. Several senior army sources have said troops could be delpoyed for up to 5 years, but obviously there can be no certain date. They'll pull out when Iraq is a safe and stable democracy, as is their duty under Geneva as the occupying force.

    At the latest count, just under 600 (597 including today's 5) American troops. 459 of those since Bush stood on the aircraft carrier with the words 'mission accomplished'.

    Probably kicking himself for that one now...
  8. YWD67

    YWD67 YOUR WATCH DOG 67 Established Member

    (SEPH)Only the violence gets reported too, which other things do go on and stability doesnt come for a long time. It took the US many years to not only form a stable federal government but to also stomp out the threat of it being overthrown. Its no simple or quick process at all but in the long term it will probably be a good thing.(QUOTE)

    If the controling arm of the military had its way that would stop also. The media is kepted from filimg any scenes of death or severe injury to both military and civilian populations. This done in the guise of protecting the American veiwers form the horrific senes of terrorist. Even during the war there was no film or pictures of the scenes of death and distruction like those of the first war. The people of the nation saw just how horrible the effects of war was and voiced there displeasure at the continued bombings that and death. Former members of the Bush senior presidence have stated publicly that this was the leading factor in ending the war and not moving into captial. There are always film of soldiers handing food and directing traffic and talking to smiling Iraqs shown on the news. The showing of any victims in attacks would destroy the clean surgical image that is trying to be showed to the public by the military and administration. To date there has not been a total of dead or injured Iraqs, either civilian or military. Any such display or accounting of the true horrors of war would backlash and again the public would demand and end to all actions and the retrun of troops.
  9. kiwibank

    kiwibank Member

    what i find incredible is that bush and co thought that they would be welcomed into iraq with open arms. i am just wondering upon the reaction of the american people if, suddenly, a foreign power told the USA that it didn`t like their choice of leader, government, foreign, economic and social policy, we are going to invade you and change it all.....wouldn`t the majority of americans resist those invaders in any way that they could? or would they welcome them with open arms...i doubt it. have all those american troops died so that coalition authority boss paul bremner can shut down local iraqi newpapers that don`t agree with his viewpoint...what sort of democratic process is that?

    i am not "america bashing"....our country has troops in iraq and afghanistan....UNFORTUNATELY...

    old chinese proverb : "how did our oil get under their sand?"


    on zeropaid, it pays to be "flame resistant". it`s a matter of survival.
  10. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Member

    Yes but the same people who want the coalition out as soon as possible and to begin self government want the troops to stay and not leave anytime soon. Which is why that power will be turned over, that will not fix the problem, there will still be rebellion and violence there just like there was during saddam reign and will be that way until it there is a firmly established government that is in control and there is stability.

    Leaving now and risking it being taken over by some cleric and turned into a islamic theocracy seems to me would be worse off and "create" a lot more terrorists. Which i truely believe that no one is really worse off now than they were before in reguards of terrorism.

    Democracy wasnt really self achieved, many people had doubts and were afraid that it would turn into what they saw the tyrannical government they just ran out, the US had help from numerous foreign governments to gain independence too, and the constitution was created eight years later by mainly the elite of that time period who made concessions to the "masses' under the threat that they would revolt not particularly because they truely wanted too so it really was created for the people as you put it.

    All that shows is that you dont watch the news because they have shown dead bodies and violence the true face of war, nothing gratitutious but not the way that they did in the 60s which you were referencing too and assumed that the same thing was being done today.
  11. c411Z

    c411Z Guest

    solidarity with those opposing occupation

    quote of solidarity from american anarchists with resistance fighters in iraq, and request for troops not to obey orders that are contrary to international human rights.

    the majority of iraqis fighting against usa are not baaths or al quida but people who are against imperialism and fundamental religious zealots (bush or bin laden etc) i know this because i know many iraqi people on the ground. iraq has one of the longest secular histories in the middle east. i consider it extremely disrespectful the treatment of multinational corporations and governments of the land of iraq/Babylon , a place that has held/ carried and played a part in much of the forming of civilization we have.

    if the iraqi people want anarchism let them have it! can be the most peaceful form of self governance as demonstrated many time over if capitalist and fascist forces are not constantly attacking.

    the struggle of the iraqis and Palestinians is the struggle of all people to free themselves from oppression and have our intrinsic universally shared human needs met.
  12. notbob

    notbob I say what I want Established Member

    it is a war after all isn't it?

    what did you expect? candyland tournaments?
  13. SuitablyTwisted

    SuitablyTwisted Eugenics Advocate

    First of all, many Iraqis did welcome us with open arms. The Liberal media just chooses not to show it. I work side-by -side with an Iraqi Kurd who was able to go home and visit his father for the first time in over 20 years. He said the entire region was overjoyed at Saddam's ouster. Dig beneath the surface, and you can find many positive reports coming out of Iraq. And secondly, the people of Iraq DID NOT CHOOSE Saddam. He installed himself and killed all those opposed, after torturing them and their families.
  14. notbob

    notbob I say what I want Established Member

    with a lot of weapons, cash and help from the US and UK in the late 70s and early 80s

    don't forget that part
  15. DemonusAE

    DemonusAE Janett999's Hammer

    Very well put. I must say that I was moved. Unfortunately, I personally disagree. To be honest, my personal opinion is not very appealing to people. But since I am a US soldier and just happen to have gone to Iraq already, I can't help but understand why nobody ever asks what the soldiers think about it. "If it weren't for Bush, those soldiers wouldn't have lost their lives" I keep hearing that all the time. I personally don't give a rats ass who was president. Decisions like this do not fall on the shoulders of one man only. If it did, it would be a dictatorship, not a democracy. The man felt just cause for sending us to Iraq, not because he woke up one day and said: " Hmmm... feel like starting some shit today. " I'd rather get rid of a future threat now, then have to lose even more lives in the future just trying to defend the country. And all those opressed iraquis that you are talking about are a minority. Take it from someone that has seen their faces. They need a change. Iraq does have a long, beautiful, cultural history. No denying that. But the same way people that don't want to change shouldn't have to, all those that do shouldn't be opressed in the first place. That is the situation in Iraq. So big ups to all that do want things to change. I'll be back in November so if I get blown up by a suicide dickhead, don't start a thread blaming it on Bush and saying how i shouldn't have been there in the first place. Just know that I gave the guy the finger and smiled before i died.

    PS: Wish I had c411Z way with words.

  16. vipp

    vipp Member

    If it helps, I love you. :love
  17. DemonusAE

    DemonusAE Janett999's Hammer

    *blinks again*


    *pounces all over Vipp*
  18. que-em

    que-em Better Than Work

    Once the troops leave the government will be overthrown anyway (all you have there now is a fake government) and if it were a true democracy in Iraq we wouldn't be there. Either we stay there forever or pack our shit and go. We Americans always seem to know what BEST for everyone else. Are we God or do we have some type of Superiority Complex?
  19. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Member

    Hopefully we wont have to create such a thread, hopefully youll be reading alot of thanks in the welcome home thread when its over.

    Your opinion is pretty much the same as mine.
  20. kiwibank

    kiwibank Member

    your way with words isn`t too shabby yourself make the process sound almost pleasant and certainly the imagery of a lone, brave soldier flicking the finger at adversity and looking death from "dickhead" suicide bombers in the eye is stirring and emotional stuff. i have assisted in the sewing up of many a young man who fought for freedom in a foreign country when i served as a medical orderly in the Royal New Zealand Army Medical Corps for 5 years. you are to be commended for your bravery and your thoughts on why you feel that you need to be there in iraq, however misguided i may think that you are. what i learned during my time in the military about what i was fighting for is that the boards of directors of haliburton and brown & root and many other western multinational companies will no doubt be mightily relieved that persons of your calibre are prepared to fight for that elusive freedom which is often talked about, but seldom ever really seen. ah well, as long as you`re blown up in a foreign country....just not on american soil. i wish you the very best of luck......


    on zeropaid, it pays to be "flame resistant". it`s a matter of survival.

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