Internet connection shut off by ISP; now Connection Interruptions

Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by Quiet777Riot, Sep 18, 2008.

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  1. Quiet777Riot

    Quiet777Riot Member

    I am really pissed!

    Today because of a complaint to my ISP, my wireless internet was shut off. My mom called, and they said I was sharing a game file, and that I must delete it to get my internet connection back which I did. Internet was working again about 20 minutes later, but now I keep getting

    Connection Interrupted

    and I see my internet pop-up telling me my connection is good shortly after, but I still cannot load any pages, and must restart my modem and computer in order for it to work again.

    ISP is Cable One. I seem to get Connection Interrupted just randomly, some pages will never load at all, like the bittorrent forum, other pages, I have no problems. I also can't play an online game anymore because I get a network connection error message.

    A few days ago, kept getting "intrusion attempts" that were blocked by Norton Internet Security while I was at the site, and continuing from then on. I had to turn Norton off for a while to install some software, and that when my internet connection got especially screwy, only sometimes working, and then shutting off completely.

    I am super paranoid now that I have been "hacked" lol, I'm sure I'm just taking my paranoia too far.

    Thanks to anyone that can help, I do have someone coming out today to try and resolve the problem, I am just more concerned that my actions online are being logged or something by someone
  2. drtoker

    drtoker Zeropaid VIP Established Member

    Do you have any other computers using this connection? Try turning yours off and see if the problem persists on a different computer.
    Sounds like your infected with something to me. Stay away from public torrent sites :x
  3. El Comandante

    El Comandante Merde! Established Member

    Sounds like you are being actively compromised. I would back up my information and give the system a good scrubbing for viruses, trojans and other spyware.

    Your service came back 20 min after deleting the file?! That's weird.
  4. Quiet777Riot

    Quiet777Riot Member

    why is that weird? I assume my ISP turned it back on.

    About the virus thing, you may be right, because this is now not happening on my other computer. I can't remember if I ever got "connection interrupted" on that one; but now it seems to be working fine. But I did already scan w/ Norton Internet Security 2006, and AdAware2008, and got nothing.

    Where to go from here? I might just reformat again, what a pain.
  5. drtoker

    drtoker Zeropaid VIP Established Member

    If you are comfortable with it, I would take the hard drive out of your computer, and attach it as a secondary drive on your other computer. This will allow you to scan the infected hard drive with nothing running on it. The problem with scanning it where it is now, is that virii can hide themselves from scanners. Hell, virii can compleatly hide themselves from the OS utilizing RootKit technology.
  6. Quiet777Riot

    Quiet777Riot Member

    I'm just gonna reformat after avast finishes scanning, if I take apart my laptop, I'll loose the warranty.
  7. Signa

    Signa COCK ROCKET!!! Established Member

    I didnt think that ISP's had a little switch to each of their customers. Who are you with?
  8. Drew Wilson

    Drew Wilson AKA IceCube Staff Member Moderator Contributor

    First post says Cable One. :)
  9. w31n3r

    w31n3r Zeropaid Irregular Established Member

    actually, that is not only possible, but also probable. they have some really bad ass hardware and a bunch of extremely competent network administrators. something similar happened to me once so i can back that up, although i think it took about an hour to get my connection back to normal.
  10. Quiet777Riot

    Quiet777Riot Member

    What I would like to know, is if I will be able to ever download files in the future w/o my internet connection being compromised again. Do you think they will check and see what I am downloading in the future? If I have Peer Guardian 2 installed, will that help at all. Will I be okay if I only download files, but do not share files?

    Thanks for the replies.

  11. rainbowdemon

    rainbowdemon the zp police Established Member

    No. That will make you a leech.

  12. ctarlet

    ctarlet Member

    RD- I thought the same thing HA!

    OK so yes, it is possible as w31n3r said. It's not a switch though. I had a friend that worked for mediacom. It is easy for them to track the amount of BW. There is a Certain amount at which flags are raised. For example, if you are using a large amount of BW over an extended period of time (leaving the PC to download over night) the account shows a constant download usage. This in turn flags your account, and they begin to monitor your activity closely. If it only happens here and there(maybe once a month), and stops as soon as the download completes it is usually dismissed as an update of some sort (Sp2 for example). With most Downloading programs the file downloaded begins to seed when it is finished allowing people to upload. You can see where this is going.

    According to her, through Remote Desktop and software (may be included with your installation disk) they can see exactly what you are doing on your PC and I mean EXACTLY.

    This being said, you may want to check into the laws in your particular state as well as the contract that you bound into when you agreed to use their service. You may have given them the right to enter the PC when ever they see fit. I am sure that it will be formed into some legal mumbo jumbo that you wouldn't catch on first pass and unknowingly gave them permission. However, if they didn't turn off the download themselves it may be because they have the right to "look but not touch" if you will. I know here they have to inform you verbally that they are entering your PC, as well as having you state verbally that you are giving them permission. I don't know if that is a company policy or if it is a law that they have to follow. I have never looked into it too closely so take that as you will.

  13. w31n3r

    w31n3r Zeropaid Irregular Established Member

    let's take this one by one...

    1. if I will be able to ever download files in the future w/o my internet connection being compromised again: depends on a number of factors. if your ISP is throttling P2P traffic, then you'll prolly be tied down. in your case, i think you made some basic mistakes when you got your internet back by ignoring Norton and turning it off. the others have covered what you should have done to check to see if you got infected. also, like ctarlet said, windows updates that automatically installs sometimes cause more problems that it's worth. a simple system restore usually solves problems arising out of this.

    2. Do you think they will check and see what I am downloading in the future? : again, depends on their policy. they either can throttle all high bandwidth users, specifically target P2P through deep packet inspection, or use a hundred other tricks up their sleeves (damn, this stuff is interesting). i suggest you have a good read through their TOS. but if they correctly told you that you were sharing a game, you're basically fuxored.

    3. If I have Peer Guardian 2 installed, will that help at all : No. refer 2 above. PG shuts out bad IPs in the swarm, not your own ISP.

    4. Will I be okay if I only download files, but do not share files? : sure, itunes is a good place to start :D. but seriously, news groups would be the way to go.

    isn't that an unlawful breach of privacy in most countries? i wasn't aware any ISP did this, surely users would raise a huge stink if they did try a stunt like this?
  14. Signa

    Signa COCK ROCKET!!! Established Member

    I'm probably wrong (like I was before) but couldn't PG2 help? I mean, the way things were stated here, the ISP received a complaint about their customer's downloading habits. If that's the case, then couldn't PG2 theoretically stop the game owner from seeing that quietriot was downloading something, and thus stop them from complaining to the ISP?

    Of course this is all assuming that PG2 does its job in the first place.

    I also was wondering about the desktop sharing legality. I've not heard of this except for tech support. Sounds really sketchy AND scary. I totally see that being within their power.
  15. curlywagner

    curlywagner Member

    About the Remote Desktop thing:
    If you run a decent software firewall (comodo, sygate, zonealarm) or are behind a NAT router, this port is closed. Nobody can Remote Desktop your PC unless you've specifically forwarded that port.

    If you use Windows Firewall, the port is open by default. But even if somebody did access your PC using Remote Desktop, they'd need an account and password.

    If you're worried about someone using RDP to see your computer, I'd recommend using a 3rd-party software firewall (and disabling the Windows one and ICS). In addition, delete any user accounts you don't use and have strong passwords for the ones you do use.
  16. w31n3r

    w31n3r Zeropaid Irregular Established Member

    heh heh, you're right. i was so caught up on the wonders of deep packet inspection, i completely overlooked the fact that the copyright holder was probably skulking in the swarm and reported it. PG2 will offer some protection in that case.

    in fact, i always recommend that people get a good router with NAT firewall. it's almost idiot proof (since nothing is idiot proof, yup, never underestimate the power of an idiots idiocity) at default settings, while software firewalls need some configuring, and THAT is the tricky part.
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  17. curlywagner

    curlywagner Member

    Yeah good point; most cable/DSL modems have a firewall and use NAT. Failing that, most wireless routers have one too so most people will be pretty well-secured in terms of open ports (without necessarily even knowing about it).
  18. ctarlet

    ctarlet Member

    Yeah you would really think so but as I said, terms of use may include the permissions. I know I would be extremely pissed if I found out they were snooping around in my PC (not that I have anything to hide). At the same time, I would imagine that it would be something along the lines of probable cause. If they have reason to believe that their service is being used for illegal reasons, they can search. That is just speculation though. I don't work with them so I don't really know. :icon_thum
  19. Quiet777Riot

    Quiet777Riot Member

    Okay, thank you everyone for the replies. I have a couple questions and concerns.

    How do I know if my cable modem uses NAT?

    I have ZoneAlarm firewall installed and running, and Peer Guardian 2, so hopefully that will help. Do I need to configure ZoneAlarm in any special way to prevent Remote Desktop. I don't plan to download anything using Bittorrent anymore or any other torrent software. But I have been using alot of bandwith lately to download World of Warcraft, patches for that game, and the Burning Crusade expansion, so I'm sure I'm still "flagged". I am really tempted though to continue a download of a game I own, and see if my connection gets shut off again. But they tell me if they receive another complaint, my connection will be shut off for good.

    So it is only through one specific port that I can be "Remote Desktopped?" That is pretty crazy that they are able to do that. We are turning into the world of "1984" (the book, read it if you haven't :icon_thum)

    Oh yeah, I really didn't want to be a leech ya know ;)

  20. Signa

    Signa COCK ROCKET!!! Established Member

    are there any other ISPs in your area? it sounds like they dont want your business.

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