intergalactic ate my trousers

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by arsebiscuits, Mar 26, 2004.

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  1. arsebiscuits

    arsebiscuits Guest

    and now my arse is cold
  2. intergalactic

    intergalactic Retrofitted for 2K4

    The seabiscuit is in error... Intergalactic is beyond the cravings of flesh for sustenance; he has only his desire for knowledge driving his existence. Eating is something primitive.

    Perhaps if seabiscuit could lay off whatever substance that has caused this delusion, he could find his pants and warm his posterior.
  3. Miniver

    Miniver Adjudicator Established Member

  4. Lord_of_the_Dense

    Lord_of_the_Dense Deicidic Chipmunk Revue Established Member

    Welcome back Intergalactic! I think your visual units are malfunctioning as you FUBAR'd arsebiscuits' name. Perhaps your interdimensional travels have taken their toll. Time for an overhaul?
  5. intergalactic

    intergalactic Retrofitted for 2K4

    Intergalactic believes that if a person has nothing relevant to say on the subject contained within a thread, they should just report the post instead of "junking it up" with their irrelevant post and massive signature.

    Before your time, intergalatic remembers a period when gigantic signatures were not allowed; he now wistfully remembers this time.

    Intergalactic also has a quote from the wise Sephiroth to guide Miniver during his time of inner struggle, "no backseat moderation." I think that these are good words to live by Miniver... perhaps someday, if you too were to have your physical and mental faculties transferred into a mechanical body capable of transcending the physical bounds of this universe and see the wonders before creation, you will have greater tolerance for posts that will challenge you and are in good fun.

    Although intergalactic has no flesh, and no soul; he is a student of the human race and understands the human need for humour implicit in their very being. Perhaps you should listen to your individual human essence, find the happiness that you crave in your very being and allow yourself to have fun.
  6. Miniver

    Miniver Adjudicator Established Member

    <----realized he was being jumpy and foolish and sanctioned his post b4 you replied

    edit: Sig is only to stem tide of questions asking for such as they are numerous.
  7. crackerjacker

    crackerjacker Member

    well beam me up scotty. give me some of those electromagnetic love potions. :)

  8. shawners

    shawners Hurt no more my son.

    whats even more disturbing.. is what you did in your trousers before he ate them.. corn and all.

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