I Remember When Mainstream Music Was Worth Listening to

Discussion in 'Music' started by Drew Wilson, Apr 9, 2012.

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  1. Drew Wilson

    Drew Wilson AKA IceCube Staff Member Moderator Contributor

    Way back in the day when music on the radio was actually good:






    Hell, I remember dreading it whenever the White Stripes would play because their music was more annoying than listenable. By todays standards, they aren't that bad.

    Everything I've heard on the mainstream radio is crap. It's like they took the lowest common denominator of this era and mixed it in with garbage that doesn't even pass off as music to me. All of the above? I never hear that music anymore. Never. But sure, let's play Nirvana and Metallica for the sixth trillionth time. There's no such thing as overplayed! Honest!!! It was only decent before when we first started playing and now it's of the stab your eardrums out with a fork quality today as it's mixed in with "music" that screams "Hey, I hit random quasi-notes on a guitar. Let's make it all out of sync with the drums and put it on a CD!"

    I'm now so far in to indie music and old videogame music (when I'm lazy about finding new music) that I'm on an entirely different continent with what mainstream DJs around here play.

    Whenever I listen to good indie music, I get that, "AAAaahhhhhhhhh.... muuuuch better" feeling. If I hear todays mainstream music, I get that, "Eeeewww, what did I just hear???" feeling like some sort of putrid mucus covered tentacle tried to enter my ears. I sometimes legitimately get grossed out just listening to some of it.

    ... OK, I'm done having my cranky old fart moment now.::mellow:

    Edit: Due to the stupid BBS rule of only one video per post, video's converted to links.:flapper:
  2. napho

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    I know what you mean. It's almost up to Justin Bieber to single-handedly save the music industry. And instead of being appreciated, the cops are harassing him, telling him to move his illegally parked car. :mad:


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