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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by flippinfricknfrack, Mar 29, 2004.

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  1. Descendants of slaves filed a $1 billion lawsuit Monday against U.S. and British corporations, accusing them of profiting by committing genocide against their ancestors.

    Lawyers for the eight plaintiffs said the complaint was the first slave reparations lawsuit to use DNA to link the plaintiffs to Africans who suffered atrocities during the slave trade.

    The suit filed in federal court in Manhattan accuses Lloyd's of London, FleetBoston and R.J. Reynolds of "aiding and abetting the commission of genocide" by allegedly financing and insuring the ships that delivered slaves to tobacco plantations in the United States.

    The defendants "have destroyed our national and ethnic identity," one of the plaintiffs, Deadria Farmer-Paellmann, said at a news conference announcing the suit.

    DNA testing has made a "direct connection" between Farmer-Paellmann and the Mende tribe in Sierra Leone, whose people "were kidnapped, tortured and shipped in chains to the United States," the suit said.

    Scientific evidence also has linked the other plaintiffs to tribes in Niger and Gambia, the suit said.
  2. 12345678910

    12345678910 I invented the internet..

    And your point is?

    If the court was able to successfully link the living relatives back to the deceased slaves, what is the problem with making the huge corporation pay the family back?

    It is relatively easy to assume that the corporation was able to profit and prosper with the aid of slaves, so why not pay the living descendents the money which was never given to the deceased slaves?

    Don't get me wrong. I am not for giving money to just anyone that claims to be a relative of a slave. But, if a family can genetically prove that they are the descendents, then I believe that these companies have a responsibility to grant these families there just pay.

    Is $1 billion an outrageous amount? Yes.

  3. rainbowdemon

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    Bullshit!! That's like saying that if my grandfather murdered your grandfather, I should be held responsible for it.
  4. hawkburn

    hawkburn Yup...

    This shouldn't be going on. At that time, how ever many years ago it was, slavery was not illegal. It was not legal, but it wasn't against the law. This is the exact same thing as Jewish people who are decendents of those killed during the Holocaust suing the current German gov't, where it is now illegal to even suggest Nazism.
  5. A man owed my grandfather $200...should he pay me?
  6. 12345678910

    12345678910 I invented the internet..

    This has nothing to do with murder, and you know it.

    It has to do with how the company was able to prosper. Did the company grow into the multi-billion dollar establishment by using slaves at the beginning? If you can answer that, then you can answer the question regarding whether or not these people deserve this money.

    I think this is a good thing actually. Any company which started its business with the use of slaves should be bankrupt anyway.

  7. thier own people sold them into slavery!!!!!! They should be among the defendants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. aqlo

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    No not exactly rainbowdemon. It's like saying that if a big record company ripped off your grandfather, they don't get out of the liability just because he is dead. They owe the money they ripped him off for to his heirs and estate.
  9. 12345678910

    12345678910 I invented the internet..

    Either prove that or quit talking out of your ass.

  10. rainbowdemon

    rainbowdemon the zp police Established Member

    The people responsible for slavery are long dead. Thier wrong-doings are dead too!
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    Warning, discussion is fine, but anything raciest will be deleted without warning.
  12. The Hunter

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    PS that is not a news source I recognise.
  13. Please don't take this wrong...it has NOTHING to do with race...it could well have been austrailians or asians or americans in the same position
    This is about the way things are handled...as in AFU
  14. aqlo

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    It wasn't "their own people" either. In general the way it worked (and still works to this day) is that when muslim groups defeat or otherwise conquer pagan tribes, the losers have a choice of converting to islam or becoming a slave. These slaves were sold fairly cheaply to importers, primarily the british companies mentioned, who shipped them to places where they would fetch a much higher price. They used the money to buy cheap textiles and produce and shipped those back to england where they also were worth much more.

  15. yes aglo, but I am refering to earlier times when the tribe's kings would sell thier own people for profit...either monies or goods
  16. 12345678910

    12345678910 I invented the internet..

    Ok, Good job. Now link the people in your article to the family which wants the reparations. It's impossible, eh? Therefore, one cannot say that the ancestors of the family were pushed into slavery from their own kind.

  17. aqlo

    aqlo Cartoon Superhero

    Well no flippyfrack, islamic slavery predates the european slave trade by hundreds of years. In fact, the vast majority of slaves traded by europeans had been sold by muslim authorites several times before reaching the barbary coast where they were purchased in markets by the british traders.

    Essentially by "their own people" I think you just mean non-whites, and that's a very superficial view. An arab invader in africa with some african blood is NOT of "the same people" as a zulu or a hottentot, anymore than an irishman is of "the same people" as a ukrainian.

    Unless, of course, you are a racist, in which case sure, they are all "colored". A very very limited view indeed.

    PS: I just read your link, that appears to be political propaganda of some kind from a fairly ignorant ex-congressman without sources, it doesn't seem to match up with the actual accounts of the time which I posted in my upper link previously.
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    So if what we're saying is that the people that were the first workers in ANY company started it's success then most likely all of us could profit from a bogus lawsuit as well? I'm sure my great grandfather worked making Mason Jars so why not sue that company considering I'm the decendent of one of the people who got that business running???????

    One word :BOGUS!
  19. It all boils down to this.....
    are you ready?....

    SYSTEM ABUSE!!!!!!!!

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