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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by hector12, Mar 19, 2004.

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  1. hector12

    hector12 Member


    I have a wife and 2 childrens.

    I just got robbed thru the Internet, and I am trying to survive now.

    That is why I open the website selling antenna boosters, the ones help you improve your sell phone signal strenght.

    I really really need help, if someone can buy me at least one antenna booster or at least tell their friends about it, I will really really apreciated.

    Someone wrote me a check for 9000 dollars, and I didn't know it was fake, he bought me some antenna boosters, and he told me to send him the rest of the money back that was 5000 dollars of that check thru western union, and I did. He lives in Nigeria. Like about 3 days after that, the bank call me to tell me that the check was not good, it was fake. My account went all the way down, that was my first transaction thru the internet, I didn't know a lot about it.
    What helps me a little bit was my income tax. I still own the bank about 2000 dollars. I've been trying to survive with the little of money I have in cash and what my friends let me borrow, but I have two childrens, I need to pay for the gas, for the food. We been eating eggs and rise all this 4 days.
    Please I really really need some help.
    I do not want you to donate me anything, I want you to buy me some antenna boosters that are not expensive.

    My email is

    and if you want to help or at least know what is the antenna boosters about, link removed, no spam allowed

    Thank you
  2. g-smooth2k

    g-smooth2k PC P2P Tek-A-Zoid Established Member

    Why don't you just go ask the government for help.

    I smell a spammer.
  3. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Member

    If your story isnt a bogus one intended to make people feel sorry for you in order to just antenna boosters then you feel victim to the Nigerian Bank scam and should report it to i believe the Federal Trade Commission and then report it to the bank.
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