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  1. Wipeout

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    Do you agree that humans are better than animals and can dominate them and use them to their advantage all they want?

    I really don't know what I feel about this, I have so many conflicting views, like how as we are the strongest and most intelligent race on the planet that nature has us use them for our benefit, just as they do to the races lower than them and so on, but then again, who is to say we can kill an animal for medicinal aid? If we're the ones who want these medicines or cosmetics, then why aren't we the ones testing them on ourselves?

    Animals and humans both are blessed with the gift of life, so why is it that we can take away theirs just because we're higher than them in the food chain?

    These questions and so many more I'd love to see answered by you guys, and I know there isn't really any right or wrong answer, but I'm just looking for your views on this subject.
  2. CompuGeek

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  3. .:sp00ky:.

    .:sp00ky:. Poptart Tramp Established Member

    look just because you can't get a girl/boyfriend does not give you the right to "dominate" your pet hamster.
  4. CompuGeek

    CompuGeek File Sharing Giant

    If hooking a car battery up to a monkey's brain will help find the cure for AIDS and save somebody's life, I have two things to say... the red is positive and the black is negative.
    Nick Dipaolo
  5. mcovey

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    Humans invented internet bulletin boards.

    Animals can barely use rocks to crack open coconuts and learn rudimentary american sign language. Yes we are superior.
  6. wingnut2600

    wingnut2600 Reaping what I sow... Established Member

    Honestly... I think this is an excellent post. Humans are just animals. we do have a well-formed fre-frontal cortex allowing us to think creatively and justify the subjugation of animals, but, the fact is, we are animals, and other animals (if they had developed cortices), would probably come to the same self-serving equivocations to elevate themselves to non-animal status in order to not feel cognitive dissonance regarding their actions.

    Society is built upon these artificial divisions and justifications--it is what keeps the rich holding down the poor, the majority holding down the minority and one animal that has abstract thought holding down other animals.

    This is all artificial... everything you believe and the laws that you hold dear. They are just a product of a single timeline molded by the few.

    By the way... I don't care about animals all that much; I just realize that humans are animals as well and al animals should be treated with respect.
  7. 1) it is not very good practice to ask such loaded questions. You have worded your question in such a way that you are forcing your respondents to either agree or disagree with you. In many cases, your opinion can influence how someone answers. A better way of stating it would have been 'What is your take on the ethical considerations surrounding the relationship between humans and other animals?'

    2) I feel that because we are superior in terms of intelligence, we can reasonably justify our control. However, because we are more intelligent, we must consider the well-being of all organisms involved. The cost-benefit rule should be considered. By that I mean that we must have a valid reason to take control over another lifeform, and that the benefit recived outweighs the cost.

    This viewpoint, although probably shared by the majority of humans, is questionable. How far can that rule be taken? While most people would be OK with killing a few hundred rats or dogs or monkeys in order to cure cancer, how would they react if a few hundred humans were needed? the benefit obviously outweighs the costs. But who decides who is killed? Is it ethical to put the lives of some people ahead of others?

    Ultimately, its a question of morals. Or maybe moral values is too conscious for this issue. Maybe its just our primative nature. Whatever it is, few people give much thought to how that medium-rare steak on their dinner table got there.
  8. ABC123666

    ABC123666 Member

    Take away our inteligence and what do we have to seperate us from other types of living beings on this earth? nothing.

    Their's a prety cool anime which centers around this idea. Cant remember what its called sadly.
  9. .:sp00ky:.

    .:sp00ky:. Poptart Tramp Established Member

    I don't think alot of humans are more intelligent than animals

    "How far can that rule be taken? While most people would be OK with killing a few hundred rats or dogs or monkeys in order to cure cancer, how would they react if a few hundred humans were needed?"

    I personaly think all testing wether it be drug testing for illnessess or product testing e.g lipstick should be tested on the scum in prisons why harm a animal when you could test stuff on a human i don't see what gives a rapist or a murderer more rights than a animal that has done nothing wrong.

    humans are too big headed we think way too much of ourselfs.

    what have we achived apart from destroying our own planet and what for,so we can drive to the shops in 4*4 we are a ignorant stupid race of people who only have ourselfs to blame but at least it makes us feel better about ourselfs saying we a more important than animals.
  10. skydrag0n88

    skydrag0n88 Member

    Humans invented internet bulletin boards.

    Animals can barely use rocks to crack open coconuts and learn rudimentary american sign language. Yes we are superior.

    Bullshit. Don't let your ego get to your head kid. lets put you and a tiger in the same room then lets see what happens.
  11. Put that same tiger in the same room with a few sticks of dynamite. Just because the tiger is defenseless against the dynamite doesnt mean that the dynamite is more intelligent. All organisms have their strengths and weaknesses. Humans happen to be blessed with a comparatively large brain; tigers have their great hunting skills. Each is very effective in their native domains. Its like comparing apples and oranges.
  12. rainbowdemon

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    The fact that humans are more intelligent is not the question here. Does that superior intelligence give us the right to use and abuse animals for our own selfish needs? In a word, no.
  13. Auggie2k

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    This guy is in love with a computer character and a machine that isn't even made yet, and he is asking are we better that animals? Of course we are... dumbass! I'd like to see a dog write an email!
  14. ABC123666

    ABC123666 Member

    Ifits for good or something which beters humanity rather than entertains people (like the sick fuckers who go hunting for the sake of it) then yes. The fact is, we are the greater species. As far as we're concerned we're more important than any other species on earth. I'm not being selfish, just logical. Say you we're forced with an ultimatum. Kill A) a random animal you've never seen, or B) kill a random human you've never seen. Which would you kill? an animal off cource. As humans we care and think more of our own species than any other, and vice versa.
  15. Digital Bliss

    Digital Bliss 2+2=5 Established Member

    Humans are animals
  16. GiR

    GiR GiR

    I think the anime your talking about might be "A Wind Called Amnesia". The whole movie shows what might happen if (almost) everyone just forgot everything about who they where, who they knew, and forgot about all the artificial boundaries that keep us all in line. Reverting back to almost a caveman-like existence.
  17. Krell

    Krell worthless dirtball Expert

    Yes, we are superior, thats why we are here, and they are there

    Is this a good thing? - Not always, there are 5 billion of us, and too few of them

    Should we do testing on humans? - prisoners with no regard for the life they take, should have NO say in their own destiny.

    Most of this thread is bullshit

  18. Auggie2k

    Auggie2k Back to business! Established Member

    All of this guys threads are bullshit!
  19. GiR

    GiR GiR

    This thread isn't all that bad. Not quite as entertaining as the "God/Jesus is your LORD" type threads, but still funny.

    Ultimatly, humans are capable of being more stupid than most animals. Don't know if anyone here has seen "Stupidity: The Documentary",.... but mankind has GOT to be the most intelligent and STUPID creature on earth.
  20. mcovey

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    If hunting is wrong then I don't want to know what right is :)

    Move up my way and try to say that hunting is wrong in public. You'll get your ass kicked.
    Just saying. This is a big hunting area, Great North Woods and White Mountains regions, the hunting seasons are longer and the regulations are looser, only Moose hunting season is comparably short.

    Then again, people normally cook and eat what they kill, or skin it and use that for something. Hunting isn't generally for the hell of it.

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