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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by EvilHamsterOfDeath, Apr 30, 2003.

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  1. hey im new to this building websites and stuff i was wondering if anyone knows of any html for dummies programs something ez to use and doesent need more then 16 colours dont ask about the 16 colours lol i tried dreamweaver but cant run it on my comp lol
  2. RJ5500

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    Yes, HTML for dummies is a real book. There are many, many, pages online about HTML.
  3. id like an ez to use program though lol
  4. serrebi101

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    try frontpage, or something like that, microsoft front page, 2000, or office xp has a ver of frontpage with one of the packages
  5. alliercollins

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    It depends a lot on what kind of pages you are looking to build...

    Frontpage is the easiest, but will leave you with the worst pages. If you do go with frontpage, there are a lot of templates/themes, ebooks, and other addons available on your favorite p2p network. The Edonkey/Emule Network is probably the best for anything like this.

    If you want to design better websites, go with Macromedia Dreamweaver Mx. Once again, there are lots of extras available on p2p networks... Look around especially for Project 7(P7, PIIV) stuff. They have some of the best Dreamweaver specific templates around.

    If you want to go beyond html, which would be a good idea, try topstyle or style master to give you a little added functionality with the coding language css. is a great place to start.

    Finally if you want to go dynamic, try a program called Codecharge or even better, Codecharge Studio. They are script generators that allow you to build sites such as portals, employment sites, and many others. These two programs work in conjunction with and there you can get help and more codes to play with. This seems like the hardest approach, but a dynamic site will always look and run the best. This program will allow output in various languages and databases, such as asp, php, and perl/ sql, mysql, access...

    I have probably lost you at this point, so if you need further help, just ask. Or if you don't want to bother, just pretend I never posted that ;).
  6. Undermind

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    yeah, I wouldn't recommend frontpage, it's garbage really, persoanally I'm still trying to master straight HTML with just notepad, but proggies certainly help with the visualization, HTML is basically easy, but once you start wanting to do all sorts of BS it really is not all that simple, haha, but you will find this out on your own

    only use WYSIWYG proggies if you really don't give a fuk and you don't care about learning the code

    otherwise just use code-based apps
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    Ok... dreamwaver and frontpage sucks.... use the program called "HTML Notes".. you can download it from or sites like that....

    Any question about html, javascripts or things like that? PM me!
  8. nasrules

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    frontpage sucks. on the other hand, dreamweaver is the best you can get, bad luck!

    if you're just starting, try netscape's composer (comes with netscape). that's where i started, and am now addicted to dreamweaver ;-)

    you're probably best off going to and looking up a "Basic HTML" tutorial. hand coding is great for basic static sites, but once you want to pretty it up a bit (and eventually probably make it dynamic) you'll probably need either the app that metale suggested (never tried it myself) or dreamweaver.
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  10. nasrules

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    When you eventually (and you will) decide you want to start making Dynamic sites, you could use one of two main languages, ASP and PHP. ASP is Micro$oft, and although I haven't used it, I know a number of people who use both, and much prefer PHP.

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