how to write 705 MB files on a CD?

Discussion in 'Desktop' started by McWalt, Dec 3, 2003.

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  1. McWalt

    McWalt Member

    I've got so many movies larger than 700 megs on my HD. 701-702 megs are ok, but I can't write more than 703 megs on my CDs.

    Is there any option to tell NERO (or another prog) to write the file anyway, which means losing 10 lousy secs at the end of the movie? I need the space, pls, any proposals?

  2. rastilin

    rastilin Agent

    As far as I know you can tell nero to "overburn" and my friends say that it has no effect on the data in most circumstances, but I've never done it myself so I can't be certain.
  3. isus

    isus Member

    yes, nero can overburn your cd's, look for an option in nero's settings. it's quite handy, so just raise the bar by what you need, and go.
  4. Induna

    Induna Vote John Kerry!

    Go to file> preferences> expert features and check 'enable overburn'.

    I overburn and haven't had any problems. Most of the time you can get away with a few extra mb.
  5. shawners

    shawners Hurt no more my son.

    I think overburn writes to the disk making the data closer and bundled together and more compact method. I would like to see DOUBLE sided Cd's being made. they had those for LASERDISK.
  6. McWalt

    McWalt Member

    Thx for your help, but the overburn option won't help me.
    My CDs have a capacity of 702 MB, my movies are 704 MB.

    I've already set the overburn option to 81/ 82 ... minutes, but Nero still doesn't want to burn. That option is only for 800 MB CDs, I guess.

    --- edit ---
    I found it: Nero 6 can't overburn, here is a patch for every Nero 6 user:
  7. cjules13

    cjules13 Member Established Member

    Are all CDR drives compatible with this? I imagine you might need to have the right burner no?
  8. Wolfie

    Wolfie Aku Soku Zan

    How about using a file splitter application to cut out the end credits to make the file smaller?
  9. McWalt

    McWalt Member

  10. Foreverboard

    Foreverboard Alien in Penguin suit....

    If you compress your movie with winrar or winzip you should be able to compress your 704-707meg files small enough to get them onto a cd. But you can also use TMPGEnc to cut the credits off also.
  11. Induna

    Induna Vote John Kerry!

    You CAN overburn. Nero is telling you that you have a capacity of 702 MB. What happens is that the laser will continue to burn past that point (on the outer-most edge of the disk) that's why it tells you may get read errors. Just overburn anyway, it'll fit, trust me.
  12. CHELSEY12

    CHELSEY12 Member

    nero does work but if u aint sure about that download dr divx this will compress your films a little bit more also it can compress from a wide range of of stuff ie camcorders or tv check out what it can do u can get the full version on kazaa the file size is 10.7 mb +the key gen is 95.5 kb
    this program is very easy to use :devil
  13. origin

    origin exploited of deleted.....

    overburning is all too common these days whitch is a good things because all have "some" files on out HD that are just over the 700MB compacity. If it just over the limit by a few megs it should still overburn sucessfully, but if anything more I would question if it would complete sucessfully, and possibly damage you're burner. Just enable the overburn feature in nero and you should be set.

  14. fireforce555

    fireforce555 We Are Penn State!

    I once burned a 719MB divx file onto a 700MB cdr, no problems. Guess its all in the CDR, I used a TDK.
  15. goweropolis

    goweropolis Member

  16. Undying Wizard NHD

    Undying Wizard NHD Back for a few days

    you could also just cut out the credits at the end of movies if there are any, tht saves me a few MB's
  17. I have a cd with over a GIG of data on it. it's a 700MB cd-r. :eek: has an entire application along with additional apps and add-ons. ;)

    don't ask me how it was done. :eek:
  18. mrdingaling

    mrdingaling Member

    Well, I've also had major problems getting Nero to overburn, in fact it wouldn't even burn anything onto my 99min CD-R's, so I gave up on it.

    What you can do is get CD Mate instead, I've had not a single problem overburning with it.
  19. guys if you done helping MR.overburn
    perhaps you cud attend to my question

    NERO 6 properly installs, works up to the point where it writes a cd.
    It gives me an error messege "DISK DRIVE IN USE BY ANOTHER APLICATION".

    so i removed every application capable of burning cds
    alcohol,iTunes,clone cd etc
    still the problem continues.
    anyone encountered this and knows how to fix it

    now i'm back to using the bundled sony software which i hate.
  20. origin

    origin exploited of deleted.....

    underpaid, you might want to update ur Adaptec ASPI drivers for Nero 6.

    Check it out here @ Adaptec(extraxt the contents of the archive to (a) location then run the aspi check to see what version you have installed currently or maybe it is not installed at all.)


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