how do you like your milk shakes

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by crash4419, Sep 11, 2005.

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  1. crash4419

    crash4419 Guest

    well i mine with vanila peanut butter swirl and black cherry mixed in with 1 % milk

    how about the rest of you? :icon_sant
  2. Mels_Smileys45

    Mels_Smileys45 JabberZombie Established Member

    Cold with a slender tube, used for sucking it up into your mouth, and one of those flexy, bendy tips.
  3. The Hunter

    The Hunter Janitor

    Contained in about a 44D cup.
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  4. Mels_Smileys45

    Mels_Smileys45 JabberZombie Established Member

    Oh Lawd yes!
  5. mcovey

    mcovey Member

    my milkshake bringeth all ye gentlefolk to the yard
    and theyre like it's better than thine
    its better than thine
    i could teach you
    bvt i mvst levy a fee.
  6. The Hunter

    The Hunter Janitor

    Mels, now place your hand on your monitor, no Mels not there, and pray a delivery. No, not deliverence, but a delivery of some large hooters.
  7. crash4419

    crash4419 Guest

    cmon give me some rep arn't these threads cool?
  8. Too bad you didnt specify positive rep points. BWAHAHAH, I like my shakes with vanilla icecream, oreos, and whole milk
  9. mfgbypooter

    mfgbypooter Super Pooper Staff Member Moderator

    I like tang with mine.

  10. Carrie

    Carrie Mels "doing it" Buddy

    Shaken...not stired...

    I don't do milk....its one of my migraine triggers.
  11. shawners

    shawners Hurt no more my son.

    Shaken, not stirred.
  12. Potato

    Potato poe-tay-toe Established Member

    I can't do milkshakes.... allergic to the main ingredient.
  13. broadwayrock

    broadwayrock Shaking It All The Time

    How about a soya milkshake then?
  14. Potato

    Potato poe-tay-toe Established Member

    I tried to like soy milk... didn't work.
  15. riderx

    riderx Member


    i like chocolate
  16. Potato

    Potato poe-tay-toe Established Member

    That's the only one I'll drink.

    Vanilla and original soy milk made me gag. I can only imagine what the rest of those weird flavored ones might do to me.
  17. Vampmon

    Vampmon Member

    I like mcdonalds chocolate milkshakes, but WITHOUT the *special* sauce!
  18. kushy28

    kushy28 Guest

    I like chikku (sapota) with 25% milk and garnishing it with nuts.
  19. HelenaP

    HelenaP go luath.. céanna go luat Established Member Contributor

    Do Blizzards count (if so, then an Oreo Blizzard is the best)?
    If not, then a good, old - fashioned, double chocolate, McDonald's shake.
  20. crymomma

    crymomma zeropaid sweetheart Established Member

    My favorite is banana flavor shake creamy & cold.

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