How can u make ur printer settings to use just the color cartridge?

Discussion in 'Desktop' started by PowerMan57two, Dec 31, 2002.

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  1. PowerMan57two

    PowerMan57two Dell XPS 630 User

    my friend said there's a way to make your printer cartride just use the color cartridge, cause i get all the free color ink i want , but i don't get free black ink. so i was wondering after i run out of black ink, is there a way i can set my printer settings to use just color to make black and all other colors? thanks for any help
  2. Koffee Bean

    Koffee Bean Guest

    I don't mean to sound stuck-up & rude, but you can't make black, neither can you make white. The reason is because they're actually not even colors, they're a result of the absence of color, it's wierd but it's true. These are the only 2 colors(even though they're not colors) that cannot be reproduceded by any means.
  3. DiddlySquat

    DiddlySquat Advanced Biotch!

    inkjet refill kit?

    Why dont you buy and inkjet refill pack thing. Just use the needle to suck the color out of a color cartidge and inject it into an empty black cartridge. You'll have to tweak the color settings so it comes out right but your printer shouldn't be able to tell the should think that it has one black ink and one color. Fool it! lol

    BTW how do you get all the free color ink that you want?
  4. Koffee Bean

    Koffee Bean Guest

    Re: inkjet refill kit?

    It's not as simple as that, I wish it were but it ain't. The inside of a color cartridge is COMPLETELY different than that of a black one. The black one is empty and has the ink inside of it, but the color ones have different compartements in them with sponges inside of them to suck up the color. There are typically 3 compartements, one for blue, one for yellow, and one for red/pink. So it's not as easy as just filling the black with color because color cartridges are specifically made in size to have those compartements in them while the black has nothing in it.

    It's also safer to just buy a refill of black. Refilling color is easy, but it runs out in half the time the original one does. Black is a NIGHTMARE, I once made the mistake of trying to refill it, I ended up having to buy a new printer a new towel, a new mouse pad, & a new keyboard, because even though I followed the instructions perfectly the thing exploded inside the printer while printing, and to make it stop I took it out and tried cleaning the mess up with a towel, (the towel got covered in black,) while I was doing this I hadn't noticed that the cartridge started dripping all over the keyboard, I then moved it, but while I was moving it, as luck would have it I dropped in on the mouse pad drenching it with black. I then decided to get 3 bags, and chuck ithe cartridge in it and throw it out, along with the keyboard, towel, and mouse pad. Never again will I refill the black....:S Even the guy at Staples didn't know why the cartridge exploded when I explained to him how I broke the printer and needed a refund for it.
  5. DiddlySquat

    DiddlySquat Advanced Biotch!

    ok mistake

    you can go the cheap ass route with a refil kit or you could just buy the black cartridge. What printer are you using and have you priced the black replacements?
  6. nasrules

    nasrules PeerWebmaster

    maybe you SHOULDNT be able to make black, but u can easily make really dark navy that looks black!

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